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Saint John Paul, the second one said, what are you waiting for?
Franciscan University of Studentville.
Academically excellent, passionately Catlin.
[SPEAKER] Here's a place where education begins and faith and reason connect.
Franciscan University of student [inaudible], online programs will advance your career through an e-learning experience that's both academically excellent and passionate Catholic with online degrees taught by full-time professors, theology, catechetical, business, education.
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So I went to George.
Institute of Technology down in Atlanta, Georgia, That's where I got my PhD.
but while I was there, one thing that happened is I started to get more deepened and learn more about my faith.
And what I started to see as I start to meet all of these Franciscan students, kind of tripping over them and I think that that's what happens when you start getting deep.
[inaudible] it's almost anywhere.
And I was so impressed with how much they knew about the [inaudible] and how on fire they were.
And I said I haven't met people like this.
I want to be around those people.
I want to serve those type of people.
That's what led me on this whole journey to eventually come and teach at Franciscan University.
We have faculty members who came from Harvard, from Cornell, from some very prestigious places, just to be here, just to serve, here, to serve the students, to serve the mission of Franciscan University.
And I think it's an incredibly special place.
Our program is a pre-engineering program.
Students do two to three years of study here and then they study for about two years at one of our partner schools.
Now, the types of things that a student can study are mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, just about all the engineering's that you can, you can think of.
If a student does three years here, then they're able to study abroad for a semester over in Austria and even get a math major here.
When a student transfers, they can transfer to one of our partner schools such as Notre Dame, University of America, again in University or University of Pittsburgh.
So when we see the students transfer, we have a.
A lot of success.
What we've seen, the students are telling us that they feel well prepared.
Usually, what we see is that student's GPA rise a little bit.
So b plus here becomes an a minus at the partner school.
So we're seeing a lot of success in the academics of this, but then also with our partner schools, we see a lot of success with the students getting.
Jobs and moving on into their careers.
Usually from what from what I'm seeing in the data that I've gathered, the students generally seem to have a job lined up even before they've graduated.
Hey, my name is Ariana and I'm studying pre-engineering and mathematics here at Franciscan.
When I graduate.
I plan to continue my studies at the University of Pittsburgh and eventually commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.
I originally came to Francis skin because I loved the Catholic culture.
I was a bit worried that as a science major, I wouldn't necessarily.
Have the opportunity to push myself.
But I got here and absolutely fell in love.
So I think that my favorite part about being at Franciscan and the Science Department has been the community.
I love how everyone strives to push themselves and really gives their all.
In a way that reflects the Franciscan spirit.
Not only that, but we've had some really great discussions.
So we'll talk about evolution and metaphysics.
Combined in such a unique way that I really don't think that you could get anywhere else.
I truly feel that my time at Fransiscan has, and will continue to prepare me for absolutely anything that life arose my way.
[SPEAKER] Use the scrolls is a window.
It's like you're peeking in, like looking through a little keyhole and you get to see things the way you make connections to John the Baptist and John and to Mary and to Elizabeth and everything.
It's just, it's really, really great.
We have the remains of what once were a 1000 scrolls.
[inaudible] that's it for the first century.
This is a major center of learning.
In the university.
Verified the fidelity of scriptural texts for over the centuries.
In every generation.
God has provided a way for those.
Wish to seek him.
An improvised, a community for people who have wished to seek Him.
[SPEAKER] And you see the connection between that and how we live today and how the church lives in religious life entities.
What we're doing isn't some new thing, but it's going on in his on, on the beginning of our faith.
And the connection that it made.
[inaudible] that window the bringing us back to what we're doing today has been done for 2 thousand more than 2 thousand years.
[SPEAKER] Our desire is that you are able to encounter the Lord.
That ultimately it's Jesus and [inaudible] also at helps us understand Jesus, the church, the early.
But if it's just something window looking back, that was nothing to say to us today.
Then I think that's really our goal and our desires, are correct and.
[SPEAKER] Absolutely because hope for the future.
Amen, praise be Jesus and welcome to our night of hope.
I'm excited to.
[SPEAKER] Introduce our hope, host for the evening of the night of hope, Peter, [inaudible], Vice President and Director of missions for Renewal Ministries.
Welcome, Peter.
Thank you.
Brothers and sisters.
What a a delight to be able to be with you tonight for our night of hope.
We're here tonight with Franciscan University of stupid bill.
And the national leaders of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, just recently renamed themselves [inaudible].
Today, we're here tonight.
People who are filled with hope.
We're gonna have a giant per meeting tonight.
We're gonna worship the Lord.
We're gonna celebrate the fact that we've been given in Christ.
I'm told there's more than 12 thousand of you who've joined us tonight already.
Before we go any further, why don't you send a note out to your friends and use whatever social media opportunity or telephone if you still have one to send them out and inviting the George because tonight is gonna be a night of great joy.
And great celebration, because we are a people of hope who have every reason to hope, even in the world that we're living in right now, world that shaking.
And I want to begin to orient our time tonight in prayer to situate us.
First of all, could we have a better day to celebrate?.
Here we are in the season of Advent, which is a season of anticipation.
It's joy, bubbling up in us as we anticipate the coming of our Lord and we stand between the two comings of Jesus.
When He came the first time as a lamb to lay down his life for us our King came to die for us to destroy the.
Principalities and powers in the world.
And now by the grace of the Holy Spirit,.
We have conviction that he will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.
We anticipate his return.
We're celebrating today as well, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
What a beautiful, beautiful opportunity.
Than tonight works that were standing and the eve.
[inaudible] Sunday, the celebration of rejoicing here in the seasons we have every reason to rejoice.
Alright, so I want to begin with letting ST.
Peter Give us some perspective of what Christian joy is all about.
And I, as we, as I read this, I'm also going to be thinking about St.
Paul, who prayed a prayer.
Chapter one, he prayed that God would enlighten our hearts so that we would come to know the hope that we've been given.
It's the grace of God that allows us to hope at some miracle.
In fact, it's a gift of the Holy Spirit.
Here's what Peter says.
First Peter, chapter one, verse three, and [inaudible] said, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
By His great mercy.
We've been born anew to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
Into an inheritance which is imperishable, undefined, and unfading.
Kept in heaven for you.
We've been born again to a living hope.
Christian hope is not just an effort at being optimistic.
Or being positive, positive thinking.
Those things are good.
But, Christian hope is a gift of the Holy Spirit, and it's a conviction and confidence that what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us through the preaching of the gospel, to the teaching of the church, to the grace of the sacraments.
What we've come to know about Jesus Christ, that he's risen, that he's at the right hand of the Father, that one of us has passed from death to life.
And the new creation, the new thing God is doing to save the world has already begun in the person of Jesus Christ.
And we have great.
Confidence, we have deep conviction that what we see in the glorified humanity of Jesus, the Spirit of God stirs in us to cry out Jesus Christ is Lord.
And it gives us a joy and a confidence to proclaimed a truth.
For instance, no matter what the circumstance today, there's 12 thousand of you or more out there, as I said, there's a lot of people who have experienced a lot of struggle and a lot of difficult circumstances in this past year.
Doubt about it.
But guess what?
This community that Peter speaking to that he's saying he's reminding them were born in New to a living hope, just a few verses down helps us see and understand who does he's talking about.
He's talking about a small Christian community in a gigantic pagan political system in Rome.
And life is difficult for them.
They're being persecuted some are even being martyred.
And Peter says this about them.
This is how powerful hope is.
Peter said., without ever having seen him, that is without ever having seen Jesus.
You love Him.
And despite the trials, you're undergoing, you're filled with unalterable and exalted joy.
Filled with unalterable exalted joy.
Because they had a living hope and they had confidence, not something they had to stir up.
And we don't have to stir up tonight.
What we need to do is just receive and accept the fact the fact of jesus IS reigning at the right hand of God.
And the promise that he's given to us a downpayment in the Holy Spirit of a participation and a sharing in the glory that belongs to Him.
Remember that beautiful passage in Second Corinthians chapter four, where St.
Paul says that when he goes about the mission of the church, he said, When I preach, I preached, Jesus Christ is Lord.
When that happens, a miracle takes place.
He said, God, the Father, the one who said, Let light shine in the darkness.
Who's that?
It's God.
The Father said creation genesis.
The God who said, let light shine in the darkness.
Shines in the human heart.
That's darkened by sin.
That's filled with fear.
Lots of anxieties and difficulties.
God sheds his light into the human heart and makes it possible for us to see the light of the glory of God that is shining on the face of Jesus.
The Glory of Heaven is on the face of the King.
One of us.
And the Holy Spirit's helps us see it and, give us confidence that what we see, what Jesus now possesses is your destiny and mine.
So, this is a hope St.
Paul tells his friends, that will not disappoint us.
Jesus Christ has insured it through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and being at the right hand of the Father in glory.
So tonight.
Let's set aside the real struggles that we're facing.
We're gonna have time tonight to worship and praise God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
We're going to have time to hear a fantastic talk about our lady from an anointed sister of ours, who's going to present to us.
We're gonna have a time, a special time of iteration to be before the Blessed Sacrament together.
Whether we're having a global meeting tonight, friends, and we're going to be before the king.
And in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit all night.
So as we begin, join me and put your hand on your heart, if you will.
Want to pray that Paul line prayer tonight.
That apostolic prayer, St.
Who was praying something, about something he'd experienced himself, and he knew was fundamental to the Christian life.
That God and the power of the Spirit that his son poured out on us, sent his Spirit, who special mission it is to reveal to every human heart the Lord ship.
And the majesty of the king.
And when we see the King, we see a king who loves us, who delights in us, who rejoices in us.
And is already sharing his victory with us.
So, Lord, I ask you tonight, to.
To answer that prayer for each and every person who's with us.
That the eyes of our hearts would be enlightened.
That we might know with profound conviction.
The hope to which we have been called Holy Spirit poured into our hearts..
You are the guarantee of that hope we pray for miracles tonight.
We pray for revelation tonight, AND WE pray FOR great joy in our king, even in the midst of all the trials.
As Christians, friends, we're not denying reality, we know the struggles of life, but they don't bring us down.
Because our eyes are on the king and were a people of hope.
And our hope does not rely on our strength or the circumstances of life.
But our hope is in the hands of the king.
Let's turn our hearts to [inaudible] the music ministry lead us now in a time of praise and worship.
I will We praise you, Jesus for all the things that you've done.
Even in a time of darkness and difficult.
We sing of your things.
[inaudible] [inaudible].
Jesus praise your.
We give you glory.
You are good.
You always DO good.
Those who love you.
We trust in that promise.
We trust in your goodness of God tonight, we dare to hope.
To hope in a name, in a power and a love that transcends politics and economics.
You're always faithful to us.
So we sing.
Thank you.
It's my joy and my delight to be able to introduce our speaker tonight.
She's the founder of all for him, a Ministry of preaching and proclamation.
And I've known Mary for some time.
She's one of the most anointed, inspired speakers in the country today.
And she's gonna bless us.
[inaudible] going to be preaching tonight, sharing from her heart about Mary spouse to the Holy Spirit.
Are model, welcome Mary.
[SPEAKER] Hey, thanks so much.
Mary, our hope.
I'm so honored.
Honored to be here today to talk about something that's dear to my heart and the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit.
And how we find that in very unusual places I live in New Orleans for those of you who don't know me.
And I travel quite a bit from my job.
And one of the things we're going to be breaking open is how to find hope.
In all seasons.
I find hope and crazy places, including on my way over here this just yesterday, I was taking an Uber to the airport.
Those of you who enjoy it, a lot of Uber rides there, always interesting experiences.
When I got and I had to go there to the airport around 04:00 AM.
For me, my rule is, in general, if it's before coffee, I don't want to talk in this moment.
I got in the car, I was running a little bit late.
I had my mask on.
It's been a hard year in 2020, amen.
I hope you said that in your rooms at home.
And as I got in the car.
Unexpected to see anything in my life, unexpected for God to move and maybe some of you are out there today, unexpected God to do anything on this Saturday evening, I sat there and gentlemen, Uber driver said, So where are you off to?
Please Lord, I love you so much, but I don't want to talk I said a conference, please.
And listening to the Lord, we're going to talk about the Holy Spirit and he said, well, that's great.
What are you gonna speak?
Long story short in this moment, the Holy Spirit started moving and I realized I'm not getting out of this conversation.
I said, Well' I'm a minister and I talk about the Lord and he was like, Well praise God, right this moment and this uber drive, 4m.
I'm in the morning.
This man lifted up a rosary wrapped around his left arm, and he said, I don't really even know what this is, but last week there was a nun who got in my Uber and I smiled.
And she said she knew me.
And it's been a real hard year 2020 goes on about the mask.
Sit about the hardship, and I'm gonna back like Amen brother, I get it.
And you listening, you know, this has been a hard year and he said, but I've been holding this up every day and he grabbed the cross and I was on my way to this conference to talk about our Lady.
I felt the Lord's presence in that car for that one moment in a darkness at 04:00 AM coming.
To talk to you across the country, The world stopped.
Unknown, unheard about.
A man in a car is holding up erosion is saying, I don't know what this is.
But it's with me.
And I knew it was a prophetic voice for today.
I knew was prophetic voices.
We talk about our Lady as we talked about the fist holding up, her clenching the fist of the cross, we know that our lady comes with a power of the Holy Spirit's, the power to bring revival in this hard time.
We know 2020 has been tough.
You've seen a lot.
Of struggles and I can sit here with my own life walking to the uncertainty.
The masks, the political strife, the conflict.
But the beauty of that car ride.
And as I want to welcome us into the Holy Spirit, is that the same rule, which is the breath of God.
Presence of God that we see that hovered over Chaos.
We've been living in a world right now, with great chaos.
We don't know what's going on.
Yet, I'm inspired by the fact that in the midst of the chaos, the ruler, the breath of God covers over the chaos to bring order and life and breath and all throughout Scripture.
We see the Holy Spirit abiding and moving amongst his people until it overshadows a young 15-year-old girl who opens her heart in receptivity and bear's Life.
That is our hope.
In this season.
And I don't know where you're at or how you're struggling in your life.
But I want to invite.
You into this mystical understanding of who our lady is because for me most of my life, I didn't always understand her.
The church understands our lady that has great significance in there.
I'm gonna do a little bit of [inaudible] before I go in today, about four points of how do we move our hearts in this disposition of the season?
First, I want to understand who our lady is.
In the early patristic fathers of the church?
We talked about the beauty of her, yes.
That Our Lady as early as the second century, we have saint [inaudible] martyr [inaudible] is talking about this beautiful understanding of who Mary is not only the Mother, of God, the [inaudible] which they declared in the council of [inaudible], not only that Mary bore Christ the world, but that the very DNA of our mother is born, excuse me the very DNA of Jesus is born.
Through our lady.
There's this beauty there.
The second is not only is she the mother of God, but she, she has this beautiful, rich theology of her being the new eve, that the Old Testament eve, whose disobedience led to the fall.
Mary is the new Eve.
We talked about [inaudible].
[inaudible] is a big world that says that the Old Testament St.
Augustan often said that the New Testament is hidden in the Old and the old is proclaimed or revealed in the New, meaning that Mary, this little woman in the beginning, was called and chosen by God for a special place in history; and her yes.
That she's the new Eve.
She's the Ark of the Covenant.
We're gonna talk about that a little bit more later.
But the various Holy Spirit overshadows [inaudible] and in a very unique way.
And that she is spouse to the Holy Spirit.
That's gonna draw us into a new Revival.
I believe in our church.
As she stands there, we looked at her as a model.
Today as we walk through this beautiful understanding of Our Lady, I want to talk about four qualities today as you're at home, as you're thinking about your life and as you're trying to make sense of 2020, I want to give hope in the darkness at 04:00 AM, just like that drive in the morning with me, I want to give hope to you that our God.
And reigns, and breathes.
It's through the very personhood of our lady who small, yes.
Her small, yes, bore Christ in a very unique way.
And I believe her, yes.
And our yesterday will bear Christ at our lives.
In a very profound way.
If we hold onto these four qualities.
We look in the scriptures, I want to break over just for scenes very quickly with our lady that really break open the heart and our disposition as we look at 2020, the first seeing, we see very well is the annunciation.
The angel said to Mary.
Now, the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent to God onto the house of Galileo.
Named Nazareth to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph.
In the house of David.
And the virgin's name was Mary.
And he came onto her and said, Hail.
Thou art have favor upon you, and the Lord is with you.
But, she was greatly troubled by this saying.
The angel said to her fear, not Mary, for that has favor with God and behold, you conceive in your room and being fourth son, and they shall call him.
Jesus he shall be great and show the column.
Hold the Son of Man and the Lord.
God shall bring upon him the throne of his father, David.
And he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever.
And to kingdom.
There shall have no end.
And Mary says to the angel, how shall this B, for, I have, had no relationship.
With a man and he says the Holy Spirit shall come upon you and overshadow you by the Holy Spirit.
I want to talk briefly about this really beautiful scene.
The first quality we see right there with Mary is this total surrender.
As we look at that word fear, where the angel says Gabriel says Fear not.
We think about fear quite a bit in Scripture, I know this has been a season of a lot of fear.
I do coaching in my life and I walk with people in deep places of fear and strife.
But when we look at our lady here, it's not the fear of doubt, but a fear of the fear of God's presence.
I know for me when we talked about the fear of the Lord, sometimes there's an overwhelming weightiness when I do ministry, I did some traveling and some prophetic work, work in China and I remember just the heaviness of walking into a room and these underground churches and having to preach the name of Jesus in a culture.
I didn't know that the weightiness of God when I see God heal, people or the fear of his presence within scripture, the awe of God isn't just about fear of doubt, but just the presence of the Almighty glory, shadowing Mary.
In this moments of God's glory, she's, she has fear of him.
And as he reveals the calling upon her life, she says this, How can it be?
I know that for my life as I looked at all the things that God's asked me that many of us have questions, health, calc and that'll be that my God would come to me.
And maybe you've had these questions throughout the season.
How can it be in my loneliness that you're gonna show up today in my living room.
How can it be in the midst of my kids falling away from the church that I'm going to find Jesus.
How can it be that you're going to actually take away my depression, like, how can it be?
This questioning when we hear the glory and the power of God in our humanists, like how is this possible?
And I know this has been a season where sometimes the myths of 2020 and a lot of thing.
Seem impossible.
And yet the Angel Gabriel says this answer answer, answer that we hold onto today.
The Holy Spirit's the [inaudible].
The power of the almighty God will overshadow you.
The shadowing of the Ark of the Covenant and [inaudible] Exodus 40 is the same Greek word.
She's the holy of holies will come upon.
You see this wasn't about her work and it's not about your work or my work.
2020 has been a challenging year as I've lost speaking and as I have family members who are struggling, and we don't know what's gonna happen.
It's about the Holy Spirit.
The same Holy Spirit that overshadowed Mary is calling us to allow him to overshadow us.
Very beautiful, unique way.
Saint Maximilian.
Talks about Mary as being the spouse of the Holy Spirit, that this understanding is the abundance of this union between Mary and the Holy Spirit, more than we can even understand.
And all of us, as Brides of Christ as, we walk as scripture as the church are.
Called to be hosts of his presence.
To let him manifest in us in a powerful way, not just with just an idea, but the very presence, the Ruach, the joy, and the life and the hope that we're talking about, would live and have his way in.
So many times in my life, I have fear.
So may times and maybe this is a season for you where you haven't felt the presence of God in my striving right now, I want to just call that I think God is calling apart, calling all of us to this place of surrender.
When we say just like our laying out my will, but your [inaudible] God, I can't do this.
I don't know what he's asking you to surrender to.
I don't know what you struggled with as you've kind of gone through these last months.
But the beauty and I want to just get really heart to heart with you.
Cross can we just talk?
We're living in a really spiritually significant time that God is shaking the culture that we live in.
I had this prophetic vision and prayer.
Of God shaking a tree, and limbs, dead limbs were falling on the ground and I saw the debris everywhere.
And then the lower shouldn't get another image of.
Of a storm over the waters.
I don't know if you've ever seen a storm, near the ocean where all this debris just gets poured into the sand.
And many of us right now, we've been shipped by this year and we're looking at the debris and the dead sticks and we feel afraid.
But I think there's a beauty in what God is doing in the shaking because everything in us that does not have him must go.
And there's a process in which we empty ourselves like our lady or like Jesus, who emptied himself as a slave, so that we could have room for him.
This season.
Look at me, this is the time.
Where God is putting us into our knees and saying God, I can't do this at everything, every idle, every insecurity, every fear I was up in the room with the speakers.
National speakers are all having food upstairs.
You [inaudible] want your doing yesterday as we are talking about this season, we are in tears.
I hope that I can share that over dinner talking about how God has brought us to our knees, how this is the season that the church is shaking and we feel powerless in some way.
And yet the beauty of that to be like Our Lady to say, I can't fix this, I can't do this, but I surrender my yes to you.
As these men and these women were sitting around the table, we were talking about the church and you feel it you feel that tension today.
There's an invitation to respond as our lady did, let it be done to me.
According to your word.
Mary didn't ask about the blueprint so their plans.
She didn't ask if she had to wear a mask or what it would cost her, or what political ideology would be, or who's saying what on social media she said, Whatever, you want.
I'm yours.
And as she did this, the Holy Spirit moved in an even greater and more profound way.
So for surrendering number two, as we finish, I'm going to go through the last three very quickly.
Is there's an intimacy that happens as we abide and release this year God has been stripping me of a lot of my idols and showing me the places in my heart that I don't give to him.
There's a place that he's drawing me to deeper intimacy in a different way of living.
Mary lived spousal union that was different than the world where we strive and we try, and we seek, and we do that Mary and posture begins with total receptivity.
We begin open hearts to receive before we do.
So many times.
[inaudible] in my fear, I close my heart.
I don't trust him.
I don't believe he's gonna provide I miss out on the fullness of what a life of intimacy would really look like.
I was in New Zealand this early January, speaking in New Zealand, and I was very blessed.
I know tough life.
And as I went there, we went snorkeling with a friend of mine in the water and you need to know that I actually don't swim very well.
And 5-10, I can't see that on camera and I don't swim well, and I was scared and I've had some drowned when I was young and there's fear and I didn't want to go into the water and there was this moment that I felt the Lord was like it's time.
So I got on this swimsuit, the wet suit.
So you could tell I don't scuba diver do this, so I'm going into snorkel.
I put on the wet suit and I have my flippers.
I go in the water and God begins to speak to me about the life in the spirit of the intimacy of what he wants.
I know you're sitting in the camera.
Does snorkeling have to do and there's a great day [inaudible] the Holy Spirit.
But in that moment.
I was underneath the water, and if you could just hear the breathing with little snorkel.
There was a rhythm.
There was a rythm in the water that was different in the world.
There was a pulse of the water that was like this is a different place.
And as I began to see the deep, deep cries out to deep, I began to hear the Lord speak.
This is the way I want you to live.
The way.
You move.
It says an act scripture that has in him that we have our way and are moving that the very spirit of God abides.
It's a way of posturing, of surrender.
I had a friend of mine who wants his praying with me and she was a sassy woman at the Lord Holy Spirit, wondering should always say marry.
You must learn to float.
The spirit is about surrender.
More than grasping, or about yielding, and about striving.
And that water as I abide in His presence, I learned the posture of Our Lady surrender to let him take me where he takes me to trust and every water in every direction and I saw