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Lee should begin shortly.
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Thank you, Brandy.
And you'll open my mic for roll-call.
Commissioner Norton.
Yes, Commissioner, you I cannot mute you while you're on a phone call anyway, so you are open mic.
I'm live.
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Thanks a lot.
Thank you, Madam Chair.
Commissioner Davis.
Commissioner Lu Martinez.
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Douglas, we're good to go.
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Thank you, cherry.
And good morning, commissioners.
Tab 25 is an Information item containing the Senate Bill one Semi-Annual progress report for the period from July first, 2021 through December 31st, 2021.
I would now like to introduce angel Pyle, the caltrans SP1 Program Manager, who will be presenting this item.
Good morning.
Good morning, Madam Chair.
Commissioners, Executive Director Weiss and off the Chief Deputy key verb.
My name is angel Pyle and I have the privilege of the most Senate Bill one program manager for the department.
First, let me say it's.
Pleasure to be with you here in person today and I appreciate everyone being here today.
I'm here today to present this in my the sb one Semi-Annual Report.
I'll just wait a moment.
Thank you.
Next slide and they'll change it.
Thank you.
Next slide, please.
Get a little closer to the micro having trouble hearing you on the webinar, we'll tale.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Is that better?
All right.
So today I'm going to briefly highlight the items on a semi.
The annual report.
I'm going to provide an update on the rebuilding California website.
And I'm going to dedicate most of my time to some SP1 project highlights, which I'm very excited to present to you here today.
Next slide, please.
As a friendly reminder for everyone, the sb one Semi-Annual Report covers the programs that are on the screen.
This covers this solutions for congested Quarter Program, the trade Corridor Enhancement Program, the local Partnership Program, both Formulaic and Competitive elements.
The Active Transportation Program and the SHOPP.
Next slide, please.
So here with this slide, you can see a very high level summary of the program.
I just want to highlight a couple of things on here.
We have over $7.4 billion of programmed as represented by these programs.
These represent 1800 Allocations that We've been authorized by this commission.
And for a total of $3 billion worth of awards completed are currently in the works.
As a reminder, these projects deliver a multitude of benefits for all Californians, including enhanced goods movement, decreased delays, improving options for transit which are achieved.
Wow, I feel louder now.
All right.
Very good.
So these, these benefits include enhanced goods movement, decreased delays, improving options for transit which are achieved through the development of HOV HOT lanes, grade separations, Transit vehicle acquisitions, and Service Improvements, bike lanes, improved crosswalks, and more.
Before complete list of these benefits, please feel free to take a look at the report online and I'm always happy to answer any questions that anyone may have for the SHOPP.
Sb one is a significant source of funding and I'm happy to report 161 projects have completed construction accomplishments from these from these projects will be represented in the performance benefit.
DMARC report will which will be presented to the Commission in June of this year.
Next slide, please.
As a reminder to everyone that external facing sb one website is rebuilding ca dot, ca dot Yogi.
We've recently overhauled this website and we're improving the existing.
In content as well as adding new information all the time.
I would like to encourage people.
People have folks to come back to this website to check out new content periodically.
And we're excited about the changes that are coming up.
Next slide, please.
The SP1 investments provide significant benefits to California.
And I'm very excited to share three Project highlights with you today.
And I'm looking forward to sharing more project highlights in the future.
All right, next slide, please.
Many of you may have seen the announcement earlier this year, but we have the delivery of new electric buses that are in the Santa Barbara area.
The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments was awarded an allocated $5.3 million from SP1 as a part of the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program.
This project purchases five battery powered electric.
Coach buses and the supporting charging infrastructure.
The buses have a range of 220 miles and four additional daily round trips to existing service.
The expansion of service offers commuters and travelers more options for direct connections from their homes to their places of work.
The additional buses will reduce travel time along the us 100 one-quarter or by 45 minutes.
And and also reduce 1.5 million personal vehicle miles per year.
Can we go to the next slide, please?
So these next two highlights or video highlights.
So the two videos together a little bit over eight minutes.
I'm very excited to talk about these here today.
So we have two projects.
We have the Redlands Passenger rail project, which was partially funded by the solutions for congested Quarter Program.
The LPP Program.
And also the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program.
The Sacramento I5 Enhancement project was also provided a significant amount of funding from the solutions for congested Quarter Program.
Before we go to the videos, I'd like to thank our district three, district eight, and also our headquarters public affairs staff.
I also want to extend.
It's best special.
Thank you.
To the Commission into Justin with the Commission as he has narrated, one of these videos for us.
So really wanna give a shout out to him and say thank you for doing that.
So with that, I will step aside for a moment.
So I will step aside and allow the videos to come up and then I'll come up and and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Welcome to the webinar.
You have entered as an attendee in listen only mode.
Appreciate everyone allowing us the time to tell this sb one story.
It's a great story and we're excited to highlight more of these types of projects in the future.
Does anybody have any questions?
Do you have any questions?
Let me public Comment.
So quick question.
Do we know what the writer ships rejections are?
The red ones.
That's a good question.
Let me get back with you on that and I'd be happy to look into that for you.
Any other questions?
Thank you so much.
All right.
Appreciate it.
Thank you again, and thank you, Executive Director Weiss, for at the time.
I'm 26 is withdrawn.
Thank you.
We will move on to information calendar.
Thank you.
Microphone test.
Thank you.
And good morning, commissioners.
Tabs 27 through 44, or information items that have been reviewed and found to have no issues raised by Commission staff.
Therefore, individual items will not be presented unless specifically requested by Commissioner or members of the public.
Please note the changes.
Two tabs, thirty nine, forty two, and forty four as shown on the change list.
And it's my understanding that we do have a request for public comment on tab 44.
Thank you.
You Ebony.
Commissioners, who have questions on any of those?
All right.
Then for tab 44, we have I think it's Laura.
Did Marco Let's Laura here today.
Surely Weiss.
Thank you.
I guess we'll move on.
Thank you.
Moving to the consent calendar.
Tabs 5245 will be presented individually prior to taking action on the consent.
Calendar in its entirety.
Tab 52 is an Action item to approve 12 uncontested Resolutions of Necessity.
Although the agenda says there are 27 Ron's and the change list indicates 13 Ron's want additional parcel has been removed prior to the CTC meeting, but was unable to be included on the change list.
Caltrans has come to an agreement with the property owner to sign the right of way agreement for the parcel labeled c dash two to 142 in the book item The specific parcels located in Riverside County on Route 74, please also note the two parcels on the change list labeled c dash 22152 and C dash 22153, caltrans believes these two parcels were owned by one entity as described by the county assessors office.
However, the title company is claiming the owner of the two parcels is a different entity.
Caltrans provided a first written offer to the owner as described by the county assessor.
But we're unable to make contact with the owners described by the title company.
Even though caltrans conducted and reasonable diligence to locate the owner.
Caltrans Division Chief of right of way, like excuse me, Deputy Division Chief of right-of-way.
Renee Fletcher is available to provide specifics if there are any questions from the Commission on tab 52.
Do I have any questions from Commissioner?
I mean, I just want to jump in and be clear.
So there are a number of findings the Commission has to make.
And one of them is about an opera being made and they're in the chains will quote, on the statute and what it says is unless the owner.
Cannot be located with reasonable diligence.
So I think the key here is caltrans reached out to the owner according to the County, they've worked with a title company to find someone else and also reach out to them.
So it seems like they have done their due diligence and try to figure out who owns this property.
That's why that's part of why I wanted to pull off to just make.
Make sure that's in the record.
We appreciate Caltrans in this final final draft chain list being a little clearer than they were in the earlier versions.
It's great.
Thank you.
Any questions?
I will entertain a motion.
So moved.
Lose by Davis.
Second by Martinez.
All those in favor.
Motion carries.
Item 45.
Good morning.
Tab 45 is an Action item.
This is the final mitigated negative declaration for the jack Peters Creek Bridge Project.
This project will widen bridge and replace.
He's rail on State Route one in Mendocino County.
Caltrans has determined that environmental impacts resulting from this project can be reduced to less than significant levels.
Commission staff recently received written correspondence from property owners within the vicinity of this project, citing concerns with the noticing process in the context.
And the environmental document, that material is in your packet this morning.
We do understand that some property owners are here today to testify as to their concerns, and also caltrans District One is present to speak to this item.
Staff would like to thank all parties for their attendance and testimony today.
This problem.
Project is agenda is to receive an E resolution for this item, 45 as well as an allocation of PS&E and right of way Support funding as part of Item 97 later on in the agenda, I want to point out this project is currently subject to an expiring Allocation time extension as of this meeting.
In discussions with caltrans district one staff, they indicate that the secret document and process have been completed in accordance with the applicable law.
But they will speak today on how the communication process with stakeholders regarding this project can be improved.
Based on the information that's been provided to staff at this point, staff is recommending your approval of this item with the explicit condition that caltrans district one staff immediately and prove communication and coordination with the adjacent property owners to address their concerns moving forward during the project design process.
So with that, I would like to first turn it over to public comment and then to caltrans for their remarks.
Thank you.
So the first person we have is Gail boil.
Walter, gonna speak versus morning.
So good morning.
Thank you for holding this over an extra day.
We got to see more San Diego had a nice dinner last night.
And my wife had actually suggested yesterday, we figured we were gonna be at the end of the agenda yesterday and it didn't quite make it.
She's suggested we were going to staple Snickers bars to each one of the handouts we have.
So you know, everybody be in a good mood about this, but this is a serious matter for us.
And again, we'd like to thank you and caltrans, certainly for all the work you do for California and all you do to ensure that they're safe and efficient transportation in our beautiful state.
And I'd also like to thank.
Doug Remedios and the staff for CGC for coming forward and helping us at the last minute because we were actually noticed that the last minute that this was actually occurring and wanted to thank them for helping us navigate this process.
So I'm Walter boil, this is my wife, Gail.
And We are we are here too.
We are actually traveled from mendocino to be here.
Our home in Mendocino to be here.
And we are here to represent only ourselves in our own interest in this, in this object, Peters Creek Bridge Project.
But those of all our neighbors who we've all subsequently.
Bird from, or at least referred from many of them.
So and we're here to respectfully request that you defer action on tab 45, Resolution III 2212 and tab 97, the SHOPP Allocation until such time as caltrans provides reopened.
Does that MND public comment period recirculates the MND for public comment.
And again, if you know, we provided some written material for everybody.
And I'm just going to briefly refer to that.
The actions before you today are premised on.
On the Commission finding the caltrans a certified a medical mitigated negative declaration in compliance with applicable law.
This is demonstratively not the case, particularly with respect to the public's right to timely notice and an opportunity to comment.
So again, we have a retirement home.
Which we now reside in on the north bank of jack Peters Creek, directly overlooks the bridge and is immediately contiguous to the project site and the major reconstruction.
And I've provided a couple of exhibits, woman to show you that.
I've also shown that this verges of vital connector between.
I'm sort of fairly large residential neighborhoods to the north of the bridge, which we are in.
And the mendocino town itself.
And so there are a large number of people that are gonna be impacted by this project who are simply unaware of because the MND was not they were not noticed that it was a bit.
Global and didn't have the opportunity to comment.
I wanted to apparently, you know, just point out a couple of things when the project was released in December.
Again, we feel we should have been noticed that we.
You are directly contiguous week.
We found out subsequently that not only were we not noticed, but none of our neighbors are noticed.
And even even parties that we become aware of now that have expressed interest to Caltrans in this project, we're not noticed either until after that public comment period closed.
And just to give you a couple of examples of some of the things that have come up that we're concerned about.
Again, this is a vital Connector on Highway one between mendocino town and forth Rag, which is immediately to the North, about 101010.
Minutes away in Fort Bragg is worthy emergency medical services are and where the hospital is.
And there are plans in this MND apparently to have some full closures of the bridge overnight.
So the question is, so what happens to someone who has a heart attack and mendocino township in the middle of the night and needs to get.
I didn't Angeles and needs to get to a hospital and there simply is not any other close access.
So again, our neighbors want to hear about that issue and I think one of our neighbors wrote a letter to you about that on our on a personal note, we had we spent a lot of time.
We're kinda built on a hillside right above this bridge.
And the question was, is this a safe Place to build?
And so we had an extensive relied on an extensive geotechnical report which indicated there is some instability this hillside.
And in fact, there's been a number of ancient landslides.
And actually since the report and since we started building, there was actually a line slide further up the Creek on the hillside.
So this idea that the caltrans is gonna come in for example, and do pile driving.
You know, a 100 or so feet from our house that we just finished is pretty disturbing to us personally.
And again, we'd like to hear how that's been thought through and what tax you've been ton about that.
And Again, we end up having to put in this extensive while swale system to take care of all the water coming off of our property.
We end up having to put in thirty one, thirty three, thirty three peers essentially down to bedrock to stabilize the structure.
So and again, we did this with drilling.
We didn't do with.
All driving.
So again, we want to hear about those kinds of things and those are the kinds of things that I mean, there's, there's other a lot of other issues in the report that we feel are inaccurate.
And so that's why we're we're asking you to defer action on tap 45 Resolution tab 97.
And I thank you for time.
Do I get to say I didn't?
Thank you so much for hearing us today and let against him before you.
I just wanted to echo what my husband who was saying and just, you know, just point out more so that there's some things in the community that Like, I know economics and live ability are in caltrans creed and I wanna make sure that that continues here.
All these things about the ends justifying the means will.
What about the means justifying the answer we want to keep that economic viability and live ability throughout the process.
And I know these communities are still suffering and trying to.
You know, after COVID, businesses have an opening now, you know, relies on tourists and now they can't get back and forth.
You know, you know, those are so those are my main things.
It's just, you know, to extend the open public comic and defer 4597 so we can in our neighbors and the community at large because I mean, some of the businesses they didn't even know.
Got it.
Thank you so much.
And thank you for coming to speak to us.
Thank you.
Appreciate your time.
Referred a lot of really good things.
I mean, that's just again, the spirit of this meeting.
I think someone said yesterday about, you know, the obvious obvious attention interests.
You know, the whole, the whole culture here appears to be excellent.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's not too late to bring those Snickers bars.
And I understand we have public Comment virtually.
Thank you, Chair.
This friend submission comes from Greece market bitch.
They write, I am curious market which a resident of the neighborhood directly northeast of the jack Peters Creek Bridge.
Although I specifically asked to be on the distribution list for the project, I did not receive the.
Project document until after the comment period ended.
In the document, there is no mitigation for traffic during full-bridge nighttime closures.
Therefore, the health and well-being of residents and visitors may be in jeopardy if a fire or health emergency occurs during the closures.
Also, I agree with comments by Walter boil.
This project should be reopened for public Comment.
Residents and businesses need to be made aware of this project and have the ability to submit comments.
Thank you for your consideration.
Thank you.
And I believe we have District one caltrans door.
We have one more coming up.
So I do see that we now have an attendee with their hand raised.
Can you hear me?
Yes, we can hear you are free to comment.
Thank you so much.
I also want to comment on this project.
I'm asking you to call this item from the agenda as caltrans mid nodding form.
Clauses, neighbors, nor anyone else who might be clear that they wanted to be contacted about this project?
I'm one of those I'm not a next door neighbor, but I submitted comments for the sixth 22 Mendocino County Board of Supervisors meeting, and they included this project, the lungs.
With other consent calendar items, just like you are.
And we're not willing to remove it postponing or makes it possible for the public to discuss this project.
They adopted the resolution authorizing the processing of a consolidated coastal development permit for this bridge.
I get California Coastal Commission for caltrans for widen and upgrade pip jack Peters Creek Bridge.
I'm concerned that Caltrans is attempting to white and many local communities.
For example, voila law and Cleo and already has done so.
Cosine Highway one and Many local branches, Salmon Creek Bridge, little River Bridge, Chair Creek Bridge, putting Creek Bridge.
But last California Highway historic 77 year old temper trestle, Albion River Bridge, Creek Bridge, and type Peters Creek Bridge, just to name a few widening ruins, the Simi value of these roads next to the ocean and Often makes areas more dangerous as people are just driving faster.
In your memo, review, refer to the project to be located in Siskiyou County.
I think that should be changed.
And what My name is Ruby white ball.
I live on the coast.
This is very important that you've removed this from this agenda and low cut it carefully before you just.
To approve it along with all the other consent calendar items.
Thank you so much for letting me speak.
Thank you very much.
Caltrans specific one Director's comments for us, specifically to talk about the communication issue.
Good morning.
Thank you.
And Commissioners.
My name is Richard Mullen.
I'm the Deputy District Director for caltrans District One.
First off, I do want to thank had a chance to meet them, boils and I want to put a thank you to them for traveling down here and sharing their information on the project and their concerns.
Wanna make sure that it's clear that stakeholder engagement is a priority.
To the community, to us.
And especially for the project and the public.
Without good engagement.
Things can get lost in product delivery and ultimately, it's all about the people.
So even though we did follow the law for sequel, for the environmental process, it's clear that we need to do a better job on outreach.
And with that, we have already established a meeting.
We had a meeting scheduled with what the Boyle's week.
Ironically at range.
I say ironically because it's pretty dry.
But we do have another one scheduled for Monday coming up here.
So they're gonna be traveling quite a bit and we are now going to have a public meeting about a month, month and a half.
We're gonna get that scheduled.
With all the property owners.
We're gonna make sure all that once adjacent to and it'll be noticed.
There's also the coastal development process that's coming up.
That is another part of the secret process that there's opportunity to comment on the design and any futures that they fail to consider.
Duration of the aspects of the project itself.
This structure is an 85-year-old structure, is as discussed, widening and Rail upgrade project.
The emergency access.
We will always allow emergency access through our jobs.
We make accommodations for that.
So even though there may be a closure.
We either have setups on each side for emergency access or that we make accommodations for mercy access.
In general, that's our standard.
With the input that we heard on the public Comment.
There there was one property that did mention that she wanted to have the NOI notice of intent mailed her and Let's now work site.
We've got like I mentioned before, we are going to be scheduling this meeting with all of them to go over these details that are on there on the product description, some more details and how it impacts not only the businesses.
The adjacent property owners, and hear their concerns and address them accordingly.
With that, open to any other questions.
Do we have any questions?
Commissioner Lu, first and then commissioner David.
Quick question.
While you engage in this process, have you finalized the mitigated negative declaration?
Is that considered?
We have completed the circulation that we have not.
Actually, this meeting after this meeting, it would be finalized after that.
David, how long is it construct a scatter?
It'll be approximately year-and-a-half.
And what was done in the testing that caltrans sort of taken into consideration, point that the lawyers made about the stability issues that they dealt with specifically for their project, whether.
This project not impacting the work that the Geo tech Kaprow was confined to the area within underneath the structure itself.
I'd have to get back to you on.
What are geo tech, what feel any impacts to their property?
That's a distance from our project site.
And that would be something we can go over with them at this meeting.
In fact, I think we're gonna be talking about that Monday.
Thank you.
And then perhaps a suggestion of the question.
If we do we do delay until our May meeting.
How does that impact your scheduled?
It has a strong possibility of delaying it.
A full construction season.
We have on target for the coastal development hearing in July.
So it's.
34 months away.
Delaying this.
Both tabs would delay resources for design work.
And so there's a strong possibility that Construction would be delayed on this project that's.
Much needed, as mentioned before, 85-year-old Bridge with whales that are deficient.
We feel we definitely can address these.
The comments that have been in a letters by meeting with them one-on-one.
And fill the process that is laid out.
They a CD coastal development process.
Those are good avenues.
Part of the secret process to that we can address these comments.
Thank you for sharing that.
I'm a little confused.
The letter we received talked about the Coastal Commission process.
You're already had the permits, so a little confused on where the project has really is.
And then my Follow-up question Related, commissioner of Arduinos says, if you're going to that body and July we meet again.
Prior to that.
So in response to the request before US, what would be the delay to the project by us differing until you had a chance to release it down with the immediate adjacent property owners?
To answer your first.
Or clarify should say first one, the cost of element from it has not been acquired.
This was in the county planning Mendocino County jurisdiction.
And so they would be issuing the county or the Coastal don't permit.
But on a child like this, you can request a consolidated permit that would have the State Coastal take jurisdiction and that's what was approved by the county in Mendocino.
So now it goes to the State Coastal.
And that is the hearing that'll be coming up targeting for July.
And here, second part of the question, if we defer to me if you did give you time.
That'll be extremely tight because we the Allocation for the one phase or the design phase work is part of that effort and we need the resources in order to get to that point.
So it's gonna be very tight on making that schedule.
Deputy District Director Mellon, forgive me.
I'm fighting a cold, which is one's still wearing my mask.
And so perhaps I wasn't clear.
I had a question and then potentially a suggestion.
So if I made through the chair, but we have a town hall and Telerik on 1314, worked for staff for the Commission to have your meeting next week and have that public hearing that you mentioned sometime in the next few weeks.
With that, keep everything on trust.
To bring this polarity.
On April 13th and 14th.
We can do that.
Because I just want to say.
All too often on these issues, it is very contained chorus.
I want to thank you for.
How you express yourself when you came.
Respecting concerned neighbors who traveled all the way down from mendocino, acknowledging where you and your team could do a better job and trying to look for solutions and already having.
Scheduled for this meeting.
So I just want to commend you and your team.
We're all works in progress.
We're learning is people and professionals.
So thank you for that.
And to the Boyle's.
Thank you.
Other than forgetting the Snickers bars for coming all the way here.
No, because my power versa we're up here regarding and I did this morning.
But thank you for the way that you have presented yourselves this morning to try to find solutions.
So if that worked through our staff and for the Commission, through the Chair that we Come back to this on April 13th and 14th until lyric I would I would make that much.
I think we still have a couple of Commissioners.
Did you actually, I don't because my very wise Vice Chair addressed it.
I was.
Trying to wrap my head around doing an action today with with the effort that you still need caltrans District One is intending to board with Boyle's and the stakeholders.
So appreciate.
Your efforts in that, sir.
I am completely comfortable with April differentness of April meetings.
So if there was emotional Second.
Thank you, Madam Chair.
First and foremost, thank you for holding yourself accountability.
Yourself accountable.
The garbage study oversight.
So my question to you is that if we do move or definitely Support Vice Chair Ms.
Hall combs or recommendation for the April meeting.
Can you just please share with me as we move forward, just based on really quickly on the product.
Let me procedure manual requires a public hearing for any project, right.
So in regards to the notice of opportunity for the public hearing, you know, are we going to are you going to start that process because it says that you have to go through ensure that you're able to reach out to the county and then notice the public hearing.
Published in a newspaper on and so forth.
I'm not gonna go into those details.
Obviously, you're well aware your process, but wanting to make sure that when we do come, we're able to move forward in April, that that process will be completed.
Thank you.
Louis, he still had a question.
I know I can do question.
Well, I didn't I comment on a question.
I think.
In my experience, former life at a government agency, we've lost equal quick cases on less than failing to provide notice to continuous landowners and someone who'd requested notice.
So I would encourage you to keep that secret process open and to try to correct those deficiencies.
In some official manner before we're required to make a finding that you're noncompliance.
That would help.
Thank you.
I also questioned about whether staff can remember that we can deal with 97.
We're not going to mess that up and pass that.
Are not present.
I mean, after we take official action on this item, and so I would suggest that with 97 that we vote to defer those two to acknowledge that caltrans did everything they They need to deliver the project and meet the Timely Use of Funds requirement.
And then therefore, it's on a Commission that it's a little bit later.
So funds are not at risk of getting caught.
Just a clarification question.
9770 different projects.
So we'll pull it out.
We're pulling the wind, we're not deferring all over for all.
I know one Justin suggested.
Just wanted to get really clear.
Thank you, guys.
To Allocations.
We're not going to defer all 97.
I have that micro you have that, correct.
Thank you.
So Commissioner vice-chair guard, you know, do you want to clarify indoor.
And Teresa and others, does this work from a staffing perspective?
Thank you very much.
I'd like to move that we defer action.
Item 45 on the jack Peters Creek Bridge Project until our town hall and to Larry on April 13th and 14th, allowing time for just two.
We will notice a meeting before the town hall, so it won't be at the town without a short meeting on April 13.
Just before can you see me have a condition meeting separate from the countable physically?
I think we're getting thank you.
Do I have a second Second.
South ambitious outcome?
All those in favor.
Motion carries.
Lets see you in.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Commissioners, I will complete the consent calendar.
Tabs 46 through 5153 through 61, or action items listed as part of the consent calendar.
Please note the changes to tabs 5960 as shown on the Angeles as they were withdrawn prior to the meeting with these changes, staff recommends approval of tabs forty six and fifty one and fifty three through 61 on the consent calendar.
Public Comment?
Yes, we do have public comment at this time.
We have Ana Marie weevil.
You're now unmuted and freedom.
I guess.
My comments were in regards to tap for the thicks.
I realized that I was supposed to.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
I didn't realize that I was supposed to let you know ahead of time.
I wanted to talk about tab for a d six.
I wanted to ask you to pull that item from the agenda as well.
I realize you're already voted on that