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Emily, can you hear me?.
[SPEAKER] And I'll be [inaudible] here today and I'll be checking your, microphone as well as your camera if it's working fine before person starts.
As if the moment I see you clearly.
And I can hear you as well.
I just noticed also that you don't have any slides or videos for this session, just.
A discussion.
[SPEAKER] Discussion.
Still waiting for other presenters to come in?
Yes, we'll have two more.
Let's just wait for them and I'll go ahead and check their settings.
Just call my attention.
I'll be here.
Sounds good.
[...] Emily, can you hear me i can.
You know what I hate about this one.
That we watched, backwards.
It's so weird, It's like my hair parts on the wrong side.
I have this glare behind me, so I keep trying to center my I have like I have a bunch of back there and it's funny because my husband I would never watch TV in our bedroom but we had like an extra one and I don't know we have like an old TV and he put it down here for something.
I don't remember what and then it never moves.
So now if I sit down in our downstairs office I have to try to hide.
I keep my.
Husband he's going to pick up my child daycare and I was like, You can't go home, come home before.
[SPEAKER] So I was like we had the yard people here earlier today and I was on I was like on the meet up, that development of membership meet up.
Laura was the you are on there and I had like the yard people behind me like Lori Lori is kick ass.
I am so jealous that you had the chance to work under her leadership.
She's the kind of leadership I'm seeking.
And that's just what do you.
You see those people, it's like, wow, okay, totally.
They exist.
This is good.
She was I mean, she was the reason I went to work it on [inaudible].
And I mean, she's just, she's so incredible and such a great person like the most empathetic person I've ever worked for.
And just really brilliant and yeah, Amy works just talked about Lori, my former boss, who was speaker on the development and membership meet up today.
And she's just really awesome I.
I loved working for her.
She is fire me to keep growing in the way I hope to grow because I definitely feel alone.
So when you see somebody that you're like, oh, you, get, it.
And that's how I went to be.
That's a good thing to be.
Yeah more of us out there who leaves empathetically.
There are, there are right now.
I shouldn't like, I want to encourage her.
She should make like a group or something.
She does.
She needs to do something.
I may [inaudible] know she's like a busy woman, but I'm trying to lead some anti-racism fundraising conversations just with my team and taking cues a lot from you.
And then today from Lorie.
Take down notes.
But I think for my team to see the others, are talking about it kind of how they're talking, about it, would be really helpful when, Emily, like if, you want, if you ever want, like, I mean, I'd be happy to work with you on something like that.
I would love that, but I also, respect your new endeavor and, wouldn't want, to take advantage of your time.
Well, I mean, we're talking about doing some kind of like workshop or something like that.
She wanted, to you, know, like, I'd be happy to work with you.
I will definitely think about that.
[SPEAKER] Hi, Amy.
Are, you.
Can you hear us?.
[SPEAKER] We can't hear you.
So if you go to the top, there's little microphone and camera, you might just have to click it like the next to settings.
You might just have to click the microphone to say on.
We also have a tech assistant who probably is listening to us chit chat.
It says, I can hear you.
[SPEAKER] So I believe Amy is having issues with her audio.
That's what it seems like.
Kindly refresh, Please.
And I see here that she's using Safari.
This is going to go by fast.
I have a feeling it is going to go by really fast.
I'm going to I'm gonna try to make my intro even shorter because I feel like anyone who's been in any session at this point knows why we're here.
[SPEAKER] Good plug for earlier.
I figured we'll have a smaller audience being the tail end of the sessions, but there are enough people at 300 people and that meet up that it may pulled a few others into the meetup.
Today, wasn't there?
No there was.
[SPEAKER] 40 and never mind, but I did.
Give a plug for it in.
There was like 350 in the did you go to this 60 ideas and 60 minutes session?
I may be thinking about my morning session.
Somebody said to me [inaudible].
So in the 60 ideas and 16 minutes session, sorry, I hate looking at myself backwards.
Really freaking me out.
But in that session where there was 300 and some people on May 24th, I gave a plug for it and I put a link because one of the sections that it was like three or four development professionals and we're all kind of like shooting ideas out and there was one about one section about DIA and then of course like, I said three, things that everyone's like, where it was that link.
Can you tell me more about that?
Wait, I didn't you just say that.
[SPEAKER] I was at a town that week, so I couldn't tune in, but I had a colleague who doesn't work at Crystal Bridges.
She works at a smaller museum, locally, but she's like, Oh my, gosh, I'm doing AAM for the first time, I heard your name, you know, so excited.
We have Northwest Arkansas representation, so good.
I wish I would get back.
Would get back up and running.
[SPEAKER] Let's just wait for her.
Hi I'm Sheila.
I'm the AM stuff.
For the session working with Eli.
Hi, Sheila.
Our third speaker is just having some technical difficulties.
So she was gonna try to come back in.
Went on Chrome.
Have you done a sound check and everything with Eli yet?
Done with that?.
[SPEAKER] I believe I am done with Emily, but since Riana entered and I can see and hear her and they're already talking.
That is a good one.
[SPEAKER] Great.
Well, I can I just give a couple of things with you.
So there's a countdown at the top right.
We're 10 minutes and 50 something seconds away from start.
Want to keep an eye on that?
There is one person.
I expect will be there shortly.
When the countdown gets to zero, Everybody will be moved automatically into the session and it will be live.
So just be ready for that.
I'm the lucky person that gets to press Record.
So the session is being recorded and will be uploaded by.
Tomorrow for on-demand.
So you can direct other folks who missed it to come back and see it for sure, sheila like an answer your question.
What would be able to log in and access content on-demand?
30 days for already days today, I think yeah.
Email out about that.
Probably setting some.
Reminders is there were so many things I wanted to see and then also with the time difference, 7, 8, yes, happening.
For me.
I had the same thing from a couple of people who said that but what's really nice is the on-demand is uploaded quickly that it feels sort of like to can keep your momentum going.
Thank you.
[SPEAKER] So while we wait for other person, just to let you also know a couple of things.
I will be hitting record.
I will also be ending this session.
It is a half an hour flash sessions, so I'm sure you will be paying attention to time just.
I might cut you off if something happens, but I doubt that will happen I haven't had to cut anybody off yet.
This is probably like one of the last sessions of the day, so that's good.
And then there were just a couple of things to know about the chat and the Q&A.
And also if you have handouts, so just a heads up, people love handouts and they're asking in most of the sessions if you have slides, if you're willing to share them, and if you are you can upload them into the handouts here.
We're not using slides.
Okay no.
Worries and if you have any other anything.
Else you're referring to that's a document and it's not a link.
You can put it in the chat.
If you want to upload to hand-outs during the session, you can.
All you have to do is click on handouts and then share handout.
And it can be any form of a document.
Do you plan to use Q&A?
So just people enter the questions and then for us to answer them.
So just a couple of things to know about the Q&A.
If you really want to kind of like separate chat from Q&A, some people will put questions in the chat and if it works for you better one of you can just click on the ellipsis if you look at one of the chats that are here in public, goods, an ellipsis on the right-hand side, we convert, you can then change that to Q&A.
That's really only if you want to you don't have to.
And then but for Q&A it's good to know that anything.
That's Q&A either converted or comes in will be a new and it's unpublished.
So we do recommend that you publish Q&A just so it helps with the interaction of the session.
People can see the question that's already been posted and then you can manage Q&A how do you like if one of you is speaking the other one could.
The question, if you're not getting that to your, you know, if it's not part of the flow of your presentation or what have you.
So just know you have lots of different options for that.
And then we just suggest being as interactive as possible with the chat.
People love chat as you know, so you can invite them to introduce them.
You can invite them if you want feedback on anything, you can invite them through the chat or voice to provide feedback in the chat.
And that sort of thing.
So just wanted to make sure you knew how to use you know, new know, all the options you have with the tools.
So I think we'll.
[SPEAKER] Probably, I'll probably in the beginning, I'll put it in the chat.
And I can say this too, you know, introduce yourself in the chat and if you have questions, please put them in the Q&A since flash session, we're going to get to as many as we can.
But Q&A as a place for them to go.
That sounds good.
And it's not a disaster if none of that works out.
Can I answer any other questions?
Looks like Amy's here actually.
Oh, good.
She's coming in.
Were six minutes away from stops.
Start so that's good.
Also this session is being caught, captioned, and we have a representative from captioning star here.
So I don't have his or her name, but thank you so much for being here.
And I will be publishing putting the link to that in the chat.
Amy are you back?
My computer had died like I was like, what's the problem?
All right.
Here we are.
[SPEAKER] Here you are its like a million degrees and human being New England, we don't have air conditioning because we're young kids.
We don't need, you know,.
[SPEAKER] Where we're, actually talking about getting it.
I mean, San Francisco.
It's always cold except for there's like a few weeks a year where it's really hot.
And that's when we have fire season now and open the windows and like are house in, levels upstairs and we have skylights.
And it will get to be like a 103 inside.
Also have to admit that everything is.
Changing and what used to be cold here and this is more and more like Baltimore, right?
It's a 100 degrees in Providence, Rhode Island today.
That's crazy.
It's like we are now in San Francisco.
Were more and more like LA and so we're at my husband I actually talking about putting AC in our house.
With a little one like you can't open the windows when it's oddly enough, we just turned on our AC for the first time.
This week, which is unusual for [inaudible], we would have had it on late April, but it's been cool here, cool and rainy.
Interesting had hot.
Does it get on like a really hot day in the summer?
[SPEAKER] Only can have, you know, a 100 plus, but I will say we probably only have in any given summer fewer than like seven to ten days of that, we are more temperate where I am we have all four seasons, so we have hot summers and cold winters, but we also have spring and fall.
As hot as I mean, we're because we're at Northern Arkansas, so we're really more Midwest and our temperature [inaudible]?
[SPEAKER] Honestly the climate change, if you know, for us the last several, years it's meant for milder summers.
Does it mean are you doing wetter like are you part of that?.
[SPEAKER] I can't even attempt at of rain tons of.
Rain and flooding.
And yeah, we we also had heavy snows.
This winter for the first time, in six or seven years, and we had three days of negative 20 temperatures, which, is that's unheard of [inaudible], [inaudible].
[SPEAKER], 00.
I think he wears rain boots five times, this year, you know, I mean, we take them out if it's raining, we just burn them up and take them out.
But it really there was so few days where we had real true rain this year rain almost every day for a month, which is again.
Unusual not good for Russia States agriculture base.
So these wild temperatures in the flooding is really problematic for our rice or cotton industry, soybeans big for us, where I, live, it's all industrial business.
So we're not as dependent on the weather for our livelihoods.
I guess.
We're all business.
The rest of the state.
It's been rough.
[STUDENT] So Amy, they gave us a little intro on how to work stuff, but it's fine.
I'm just going to.
Try to monitor the Q&A for whatever questions we can get to.
And then.
I'm also and I think as I said, I told you all I was gonna tell people to find us on LinkedIn if they have other questions.
I'm sure it's gonna go really fast.
And now 30 minutes, I know I was writing my remarks.
I was like, I, probably say like half of what I plan.
I know I know I thought the same thing like my intro is gonna be really short.
I mean, if only one person joins, maybe [inaudible] I spoke with you about your landing knowledge statements.
Have you worked with the like the local chief of your tribe?
Have like, as your knowledge, [inaudible], acknowledged and approved by that body.
[SPEAKER], so it honestly, we're still working on it.
[SPEAKER] Has been shared with them that are indigenous resource group, which has representation from all indigenous tribes, worked on.
We crafted it and then we redone, it, we did it this year again.
And so I don't know if they also reached out.
Tribal leadership..
[SPEAKER] We wrote out in conjunction with the college and have sent it to the local chief.
[inaudible] which is like kind of the, nationally recognized tribe in.
This area.
And he.
Hasn't gotten back to us.
So it's one of them.
It's just one of those funny things where somebody was talking about like, Oh, we should put it in final on a wall and I was like, I don't think we can do that.
Like that also feels like such a virtue signaling