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Hi, This is Jenny your ETEC pro for discussion, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can we get a mic check?
I think I could already hear you.
Are you saying you can't hear me?.
[SPEAKER] Yes, I can hear you now.
A while ago, I can't.
I'm sorry about it.
But anyway, this is.
[SPEAKER] No it is cool as long all.
[SPEAKER] Right.
Can you me now.
Loud and clear,.
[SPEAKER] I am your technical assistance for the session do you need to upload any head out slides or videos.
[SPEAKER] I am the session monitor with am.
The presenters have not sent me anything, so when they log on, we can ask him those questions.
I'm literally just here just to make sure we start and stop on time.
[SPEAKER] Okay understood.
And I believe this will be recorded as well, right?.
I'm handling the recording also.
How many presenters are we expecting?
[SPEAKER] For this session?
I am not Sure.
But that they would need to be on mic and camera, right?.
So I've made sure that it's all working.
[SPEAKER] Are you able to see the presenters, the presenter list for this session?
[SPEAKER] I could actually see registered on this, but I'm not sure the presenters.
Once they get in I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
No, no, it's okay.
Once they get in we can go from there.
[SPEAKER] Sorry what is that.
Your request.
Let's say [inaudible].
[SPEAKER] No, no, no.
I'm not requesting any being I'm editing the sticky note right now.
I'm just putting the captioning link here.
In the chat will be visible to the public.
[SPEAKER] That's right.
Presenters are only for us and the public chat would be available for the attendees as well.
Eric, I could already see it.
I'll keep an eye.
Then we will log in and then I'm going to make sure that everything's working before the webinar go live.
I'll just put myself on mute, but if you need me for anything you can call me or just check me into presenter.
Ok same.
[SPEAKER] Good morning.
This is Jen your e-tech pro for this session.
Hear me Hi, Good morning.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
There you go.
I can hear you now and can see you as well.
Just making sure that microphone and camera are working.
Anyway, I'm not seeing any files uploaded yet for this session.
Do you need to upload some slides or videos and handouts?.
[SPEAKER] I'm trying to upload.
Presentation now.
[SPEAKER] Inverting file.
All right.
Good [SPEAKER] Once, it gets uploaded, it will fill out the presentation area and you could advance it.
Okay, the rest of the speakers, I'm the moderator, and they will be here in ten minutes.
[SPEAKER] Okay?.
All right.
[SPEAKER] Just let me know if they're having troubles logging in.
I could always provide them their direct links.
[SPEAKER] So that's it right.
Then I control it here.
Actually, all.
Of the presenters could control it as well.
[SPEAKER] So they can, it's either date.
Good advanced their own slide or someone, you know, someone from.
It down.
Let's do it.
It's pretty simple.
We sort of put everything in one file, so that I can move it.
Some don't have really.
So that's what I was going to last few I don't think some don't have slides.
Can I make their like could show their screen.
Mean can they share their screen.
Is that what you mean.
[SPEAKER] No what I mean?
We have everything here.
It's a PDF.
But let's say Sally is.
Going to have any slides.
You'll see her there, right?
That's right.
Could I interrupt this presentation?
And have her go to screen?
[SPEAKER] Yes, definitely.
So if you wanted her on screen without this slide, then you could just simply click on the camera if you see camera on the upper left corner, so you could click on camera and the slides would be off.
Let me do it.
So she has to click on camera.
[SPEAKER] That's right.
I actually just did.
So there you go.
[inaudible] [SPEAKER] That's right.
And if you wanted the slides and the webcam feed to be on the presenter screen, then you just have to click on slides again.
[SPEAKER] Okay, so then I go back to the slides.
This is just [SPEAKER] I'm sorry, I did, I clicked.
[SPEAKER] You can go ahead and do some practice.
I'm sorry.
So I just do slides or cameras, lights, or camera.
[SPEAKER] That's right and.
[SPEAKER] We have everyone muted before, right.
[SPEAKER] That's right.
Thank you so much.
We'll be here.
And I just did some technical checks as well on your system.
Like everything's fine, So we are good.
My internet is not good.
Not great, but I live in Puerto Rico, so what can you do.
But [SPEAKER] Anyway, look stable for announcements [SPEAKER] Okay.
Thank you so much.
[SPEAKER] You're welcome.
And by the way, in case there are some technical problems during the presentation, you could always communicate with one another in the presenter's chat.
So if you go under chat there is presenters as well, I.
[SPEAKER] Can do it here like they're all right.
[SPEAKER] Only us could see it.
Let me place this other one there.
Great I think we're ready.
And Do you also need to upload some handouts that will be shared to your attendees, something that they could download.
[SPEAKER] No, I don't have anything else.
Thank you.
[SPEAKER] You're welcome.
I'm just here in the background.
If you need me for anything, just call me or chat me in the presenter's and I'll keep an eye as well who would log in and we'll be doing this as well..
[SPEAKER] Right?
Thank you.
[SPEAKER] You're welcome.
I just wanted to let you know.
I'm also hearing the background Jen is going to do an amazing job by doing tech support for us.
I'm with [inaudible] I'm the session monitor.
So I'm just going to make sure that we start and begin on time and make sure I handled the recording.
I'll also be putting in.
The live captioning link from time to time in the chat.
But I'll also be on mute.
And in the background, but I'm here if you need me.
[SPEAKER] Thank you so much.
I didn't I guess I didn't really pay too much attention to this session description.
I didn't know Sally was presenting here.
She taught at Seton Hall while I was there.
[SPEAKER] Well, there you go.
She's gonna be here.
All right.
[SPEAKER] All right.
Well, I'm in the background.
Just go ahead and do your prep.
Let me know if you need me.
I'm just no, I think I'm ready.
I'm just going to go to Slide 1.
And leave it there.
And then I just have to click on.
I'll leave it there and then I have a question.
No, so you'll see, as you notice, like in the top right corner has a countdown to the start of the webinar?.
[SPEAKER] And about 10 or 15 seconds or I think 30 seconds, it does like a big countdown.
So the kind of panel we'll get a little bigger and it would say, you know, 20 seconds 'til going live.
So you don't have to do any counting or 10 seconds countdown.
But what I will say.
So because we don't have the ability to edit in here for the recordings.
I will start the video recording, around the same time as the countdown starts.
As soon as the.
So I don't have to worry because in Zoom normally don't worry.
Okay, great.
[SPEAKER] Yeah, it's like okay count to 10 because of not, you know,.
[SPEAKER] It's a lot, especially, I really missed presenting in-person because but yeah, this virtual space is different.
[SPEAKER] Okay good.
If I do that, that's all?
Get this slides off.
[SPEAKER] Click Camera.
[SPEAKER] Just go soft on and then the slides.
[SPEAKER] All right.
I'm sorry.
Do you see the camera and then slides in the upper left corner, just below the title.
I was like, okay.
Which is right on, which is left.
So I do see it and so now my camera's on.
So it is on then if I go to slides, okay, click on slides,.
That's it.
And then if I want to turn these slides off, I click on camera.
And it just goes off.
[SPEAKER] Oh no I'm sorry.
I'm, not the camera icon in the upper portion of, not on the camera icon beside the microphone, not that one.
That's where you turn off and turn on your camera, yes.
So if you wanted to switch whatever is in the presentation area, go to do you see backstage presenter's only.
It should be on the left corner.
Opposite of the time start webinar using backstage?
[SPEAKER] Backstage yes.
So right now you have your camera on and slides in the presenters area.
So that's what the attendees could see as well once they get in.
Down there where it says camera.
Than yeah.
And if you wanted to be off camera, you go now to the where you turn off and turn on your camera.
That is the camera icon just beside the microphone that's okay.
I just turned it off in the slides.
You're on mute.
[SPEAKER] I'm on mute.
But Thank you Okay.
All right so that is how you switch to your camera and this slides.
You just perfect.
Thank you so much.
[SPEAKER] You're welcome.
I see Kate just logged in as well.
[SPEAKER] So let's just wait for her to turn on her camera as well.
And her microphone.
Kate, if you can hear us, please turn on your microphone and camera so we could have it tested.
[SPEAKER] You can hear as blink.
Okay good.
Oh you can hear us.
Can you hear hear me?
I can hear you perfectly..
[SPEAKER] The presentation is already there.
You have slide.
But other people don't.
You can see to your screen where the title is.
Underneath it says cameras slides.
So you can switch to slides or cameras.
That's right.
I got it.
And if we turn our cameras off there, it's there.
I think Diana, Sally.
And Deborah [SPEAKER].
[SPEAKER] That don't have slides and they have the same control so they can switch to camera.
So I see, okay..
[SPEAKER] So that, that way we don't yeah.
So other folks are joining us right?,.
[SPEAKER] I think Diana is already there.
[SPEAKER] We can see them.
Jen, who is assisting.
Diana has not turned on her microphone and camera yet, so we just need to wait.
And Deanna, if you can hear us, please turn on your microphone and camera as well.
So we could make sure it's working.
I don't know if I'm gonna be able to say them the right.
[SPEAKER] Do you have to or you don't have to say them all.
[SPEAKER] Based on my script.
[SPEAKER] I didn't do a great job with, when I was listing all of the, they were listed so that the Washington folks were listed last year and I didn't do a great job of pronouncing everyone.
Martin stepped in to help me with it.
[SPEAKER] Well, I think I looked some up, but then I don't know.
If some are even correct,, because I'm not [inaudible] I know but I'm not [inaudible].
Yeah is it well?
[SPEAKER] Hi, I was having trouble logging in, but I've made it.
I'm glad I'm here it's the first time I in my office.
And so I'm just looking at the background is not really but I kind of fix it now.
So you're in the museum today.
I'm in the museum so that yeah, because I have to go to the museum.
Some things.
Me see.
[SPEAKER] That's crazy.
Anyway [SPEAKER] Okay so I think I will be using about 6 minutes but not more than seven.
That's great.
That's great system On And I think we lost her.
[SPEAKER] There's something that if you actually sign up with Safari, like you have to sign up with Chrome, which is what I was having trouble with.
Because I was [inaudible] and it was, you know, and I know I was able to login yesterday, so today I was like, Why so I call one of my colleagues and she said, remember to do it through Chrome, not.
[SPEAKER] Because we normally don't use Chrome let me get.
How do you get out?
How do you sign out?
How do you sign?
There was at the top of the screen.
If you go to the three dots, that say more and more, I think that's where it makes it.
I'm an hour.
All right.
I'm going to Firefox, so I'm wondering if it's okay.
It seems fine.
[SPEAKER] All right.
Firefox would be okay, as well as long as we don't encounter any problem, but the most compatible Chrome would be cruel but so far as long as you could hear everybody and that we can hear you, you're good.
I think they logged out.
Refresh the browser so let's wait for them to get back.
All right, in case of any technical problems during the presentation, please use the presenters chat to get in touch with me or to chat with one another.
Since only us can..
[SPEAKER] [inaudible] troubles with folks getting on, it seems.
[SPEAKER] Right.
I'm going to try to pin my, I'll put my camera on.
[SPEAKER] You know, if someone wants to call me, I can walk them on the phone the way that I got in because it's not easy.
I have to say.
I was psyched to hours yesterday trying to figure out.
I could actually provide them their direct links in case they are having troubles logging in,.
[SPEAKER] Right?
Then the direct link, you need to go into the webinar, like attend the presentation, then you have to go into the calendar and then you have to look for a link at the bottom that says Join.
I mean, you know, it's not like you click that link and you're in, you have to steal, navigate the website.
And that takes time.
If you don't know.
[SPEAKER] I'm sorry.
It's a different link, I guess.
The one that I could provide is the direct one where in they could just simply log into the webinar.
Enter the webinar.
So if you have communication with Alejandra, I actually provided the link.
[SPEAKER] Great I'll send [inaudible].
Oh but I guess she's in.
If you still have some percenters, we're not here yet and they needed to get some directions.
I could just simply provide that link.
I'm going to email them the link and.
[SPEAKER] It's unique for each.
So let me know who's having trouble so that I could provide it.
So for Sally.
For Sally.
Debris Mac.
[SPEAKER] Okay this one is.
For Allie.
Other one is Deborah, Right.
[SPEAKER] Deborah was having trouble?
I'm gonna send her an individual link right now.
Thank you.
[SPEAKER] I wondered Diana [SPEAKER] She was on.
[SPEAKER] Yeah, but you know what I had forgotten to clear my browser.
[SPEAKER] Right.
There's like all these technical things, that I completely forgot.
So I had to get out, clean it, and then come back.
Again and.
I normally because my Internet is not great, I.
Turn you send an email.
I turned my Sally is having the same problem.
[SPEAKER] I just sent Sally and Deb direct links.
[SPEAKER] Okay, thanks Sally got in but she's on a safari, so she might encounter some problems.
Deborah is here as well, we, just need to wait for them to turn on their microphone.
And cameras.
There we go.
Hello, Sally.
Good morning.
Good morning Good morning.
[SPEAKER] Can we get a mic check.
There we go.
[SPEAKER] Okay..
[SPEAKER] Just confirming that everybody could hear Sally..
Safari is.
It's working.
[SPEAKER] So we just need Diana and Deborah, right?
[SPEAKER] I'm not seeing Diana in, but that broke.
Deborah was logging in a while ago, but she disconnected again.
[SPEAKER] Maybe her brown, which is what I do.
Jen that is right.
If there are some technical problems as, well clearing the browser would be a great idea.
[SPEAKER] The link that you sent Kate would worked much better than the other link that I had.
Yeah, I didn't really say how to customize it per person.
[SPEAKER] Thank you.
Thank you we're getting there anyway.
[SPEAKER] So I have the slides here.
Okay they are there.
You don't have slide Sally,.
[SPEAKER] Right?.
[SPEAKER] So when you can control this, when it's your time to speak, what you can do is just go up here.
You see where there's cameras and slides on on the left.
So you go to camera [SPEAKER] Okay.
And then we can get I can put it back on slide.
So I can control that.
[SPEAKER] You can control that.
[SPEAKER] Great [SPEAKER] Yeah, You all can control that.
Cameras, cameras and slides.
So when you wouldn't, I start with Diana, I'm going to turn my camera and my microphone on.
And you'll just have to be a presenter you and then you turn yourself, okay?
[SPEAKER] Can you all hear me now?
[SPEAKER] Yes, Deborah.
Now, I need to find a Zoom background.
Don't see all of these backgrounds, so there aren't all of these boxes.
[SPEAKER] I am sorry.
Deborah this is January technical assistant.
We don't have a virtual background in these platforms, virtual background will not work.
I'm sorry.
[SPEAKER] That's okay.
I will find something for in a minute.
I'm going to turn off my camera for the moment.
[SPEAKER] All right.
So that's fine.
I think we're good so far.
Check ins.
Your okay.
[SPEAKER] Maybe I can that.
Looks terrible.
It looks terrible.
[SPEAKER] Okay, just some reminders, whenever your camera is on, your attendees.
So if if you don't want to be onscreen or on camera, then you could just simply turn it off by clicking on the camera icon and then if you click on slides and your summarized on this slide and the video feed or the webcam feed would be seen by your attention,.
[SPEAKER] Yeah, it does [inaudible] it take me out of the webinar [inaudible] okay.
What you can do is, just when I announce you, turn on your camera.
[SPEAKER] And then I'll put the slides [SPEAKER] We still don't have Diana Diana is here, but Diana if you can hear us, you may check with me into presenters chat.
If you're having trouble logging in or, turning on your camera or microphone.
I'm glad we did this tech.
[SPEAKER] All right.
You may actually practice turning on, turning on and turning off your camera.
Just in case you would be having some troubles getting back.
Just wanted to make sure of that.
I think you were good.
[SPEAKER] I'm presuming I'm loud and clear also.
[SPEAKER] You are.
[SPEAKER] And because I'm going to, I do not have visuals.
The visual will be this screen, or I'm not sure what.
It will be me then it will be so when I present to you, Deborah, and you just go on the left side of the screen next to the slides, it says cameras and slides, you just turned camera on there.
And then I take it back to the slides.
I'm sorry.
[SPEAKER] You're done.
The only thing you have to do is when I were present you on camera.
When you, I'm sorry.
I'm getting a little bit of an echo.
Could you repeat that?.
[SPEAKER] I'm getting echo from you also Alejandra..
[SPEAKER] Right.
I'm not getting one from you, Monica, but I am getting one from Alejandra.
The reason why there is a feedback is because you're not on mute.
I mean, when someone is speaking, the others are not on mute, so if it's not your turn to speak, I would highly advise to keep yourselves in Utah to avoid the feedback.
[SPEAKER] Kate, can you turn your?.
[SPEAKER] You are on mute.
[SPEAKER] Yes, Deborah, you are on.
I'm on mute.
Right now.
I do hear the echo of my voice.
No, it's.
Good, now.
Thank you.
So when.
It's your time when I say please welcome Deborah Mac.
You just press camera.
When you're done speaking.
I've turned slides on.
So you are controlling that.
I can turn back slides, because when I find Monica, when she pressed live.
She went offline [SPEAKER] Okay.
Thank you.
So we don't want to risk that.
So we're just missing Diana.
Well, I'm going to try to clean up my background some more now.
Okay go I had no idea that there was not an option for a virtual because I'm in the middle of remodeling.
[SPEAKER] I know don't worry.
All right.
Thank you.
Alejandra the instructions are so we have our camera the whole time?
[SPEAKER] You will have your cameras off, your microphone is off.
You just turn it on.
When I present to you.
And then for the Q&A.
Sounds good.
All right.
I'm going to go off for two minutes.
Does anyone know how to reach Diana?
I think I have a cell phone number for her Is Diana presenting from us.
I could provide phone number where in she could connect in this webinar through her phone just a moment.
That way you could give it to her if she kept connect to the website.
Hey, everybody.
My name is Ebrahim.
For those who don't know me.
I'm [inaudible] in the background, but it seems as though Jen is making sure everybody set up so I'm just going to the bag on it if you need me.
[SPEAKER] Yeah, we're just missing one person.
[SPEAKER] Good afternoon, Sally's.
It is good to see you.
[SPEAKER] Someone has their phones.
Could you turn off your phones?
Set them on mute.
[SPEAKER] Get that responses from the survey?
I'm curious..
[SPEAKER] We've gotten we didn't get as many as we had hoped, but we did get responses.
And I know it seems to be a majority of people want to have the code of ethics revised, but there's controversy about when we should be doing it.
That's the next issue that we have to deal with and the plan I think although this has to be blessed by the executive board at the end of July, is to start working on the revisions.
But wait until.
After the meetings to see what happens with the definition.
And then, sort of decide what the priorities are and how to order the changes.
Once that conversation is over, so we had hoped to finish five the Prague meeting.
To I guess that's not gonna happen.
So we'll see.
But maybe I mean, we could also have a discussion there.
So that we could get more input, from people as well.
We don't want to [inaudible] thought that by having the two processes going.
Same time, it would be a good opportunity for people to really think about all the issues that are involved with museums.
And but what they didn't think about is how overwhelmed the communities might feel and having to do both things at the same time.
So I think that's been really the issue.
[SPEAKER] Sally have you been able to reach Diana Diana's coming on.
She's there.
Hi Diana I should be be in.
[SPEAKER] [speaker] Okay.
Sorry to cut off everyone and we only have a minute before the webinar goes live.
So since their cameras are on, your attendees could see you.
If you wanted to be off the screen then we you have to turn off your camera and the 10 seconds before the webinar goes live, there would be a countdown once that pink bar or blue bar is gone, then your attendees could already see you.
So if you wish to be off the presenter's area or presentation area, you need to turn off the camera.
And once it is your turn you could just have it turned on.
I would be off mic now and in case you need any technical assistance, I'd be in the presenters to respond.
Thank you.
[SPEAKER] Diana?
There we go.
Is there someone that's not on mute?
I hear a click.
I think you are on live now.
[SPEAKER] Hello to everyone and thank you for joining us today.
We're happy to be a part of.
Annual Conference against this year.
And to bring you an international perspective on some of the hot topics in the museum world today.
I am Ale on behalf of I come us board.
I want to welcome you to our session of today impact international hot topics in new cms.
Where we'll be discussing relevant subjects such as cultural heritage to colonization, community engagement, and how have these issues has been impacted by the pandemic and influenced by our desire to find a new definition for museums.
Joining me today are a few other representatives or, I come.
Us board.
Diana [inaudible] Deborah Mac, Monica [inaudible], solid your courage.
And Kate Quinn.
Before we start our talk, I would like to respectfully acknowledging the lens that we're all speaking from today.
Let not be hawking the uncertain, ancestral and spiritual homeland of [inaudible], the [inaudible] way nation, along with [inaudible] bank matter net GMB make Pomona K, and tech ahead people for in can line up the great lords and home of the [inaudible].
The ancestral, traditional and contemporary lines of [inaudible].
[inaudible], Three Fires Confederacy of [inaudible] people's the Yamasaki confederation and disturbed anxious nations the people of the Northeastern woodland.
Today, they are the Delaware Nation and the Delaware tribes of Indians and Oklahoma.
And the stock bridge [inaudible] community in Wisconsin.
I would like to share with you some basic information about icon for those of you who are not fully familiar with this organization I come is the acronyms.
For international chemical.
It was created in 1946 and more than 60 years since its creation, it still meant to represent the global museum community.
With 48,900 members that represent over 20 thousand new museums worldwide in more than a 142 countries.
Comes purpose is to connect the museum community in order to build an international network that will broaden its member's horizons and provide.
Opportunities for collaboration.
Through these a 119 nations national committees sorry 32 international committees, that, you see here listed in this slide, as well as others standing committees, alliances, and working groups.
Icam helps to.
Shape the future of the museum.
Profession advocating for standards of excellence and museums and providing support in emergency preparedness and response.
If you're not yet a member of [inaudible], we encourage you to join [inaudible] community as some member and then joined.
The International Committee.
Is that aligns with your interests?
Interest in the museum profession to build your network.
Icom holds the generally assembly every year in Paris.
In a triennial meeting that changes venues.
The last [inaudible] was held in Kyoto in 2019.
Many hot top figs who are discussed their around the effort.
Update the museum definition.
The next I come try and will be held in Prague and knock us 2022.
We hope to see you there.
And now I would like to welcome the first of our panelists for today.
Diana Pardeu is the director for Museum Services Division of the Statue of Liberty.
Liberty in Nellis Island Immigration.
You see him?
She's also chair of disaster museum International Committee.
Diana will be speaking today about cultural heritage.
Welcome, Diana.
[SPEAKER] Thank you for having me here today for this webinar.
I'd like to talk first about the pandemic, one of the major, hold on a second I'm having problems with my sound.
One of the major impacts of the pandemic on the museums and cultural heritage sites today was the closing of the building.
And the site that happened for many months, many steps were not prepared for this type of shutdown and the result in many cases was damage and destruction to collections and archaeological and historical sites.
Additionally, the specific precautions that the pandemic made it much more difficult to respond to any natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding.
Shortly before the pandemic started ICOM created a new International Committee on disaster resilient museums, which is called ICOM DRMC, It was created at the last ICOM triennial meeting in Kyoto into and was established to serve museums.
Internationally as an interdisciplinary museum committee dealing with emergency preparedness and disaster response.
This international committee was created to increase awareness about the importance of emergency planning and disaster risk management.
To collaborate with ICOM icon committees, regional alliances, and other museum organizations in the field of cultural heritage emergency.
And disaster response.
And to, provide a mechanism in the museum community for the dissemination of information, resources, for training opportunities, and professional networking about disaster risk management.
So during 2020, the disaster risk committee work collaboratively with the ICOM Secretary, Department of Heritage protection staff and the existing standing committee in the development.
Of a protocol to coordinate ICOM's emergency response to natural disasters and armed conflict.
And developing a response, the group together worked with the National Committee's of ICOM, with the national committees of Blue Shield, UNESCO, the International Federation.
Of libraries associations [inaudible] and elif to respond to a variety of disasters.
Some of the cultural heritage request to ICOM for emergency response in 2020 were the Bay Area., which damage three museums in the city on damage.
That was a result of armed conflict in the path between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
And there was flooding in the Sudan region.
So as a result of this disasters, ICOM produced a webinar on emergency management response that was primarily based on the emergency response in Beirut and then the other cultural heritage.
Organization [inaudible] in Rome.
They produced a series of webinars that were directly on the cultural heritage response to the pandemic that focused on disaster risk management and efficient response from various local communities.
These webinars are available on the two websites.
So people should feel welcome to go and check those out.
So I'm going to turn this back to Alejandra to introduce the next speaker.
[SPEAKER] Thank you so much, Diana.
I want to introduce now, Deborah Mac.
Is the Interim Director of the National Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian Institution.
Deborah is also a member of the ICOM capacity building committee.
Deborah will be talking to us today about Jack colonization.
Welcome, Deborah.
Thank you.
[SPEAKER] Good morning, everyone.
And good afternoon.
Wherever you are.
My presentation really is remarks that are in many ways a point of view.
And they are especially address to.
Our AAM members who may feel that ICOM is wonderful, but maybe not directly associated with their own practice and their own realities.
Icom's origins are of