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The number one community college we are just a half hour away from the fifty third commencement at Cypress College in this one is going to be unique I'm Mark pose no from the office of Campus communications.
Join me over the next half hour as that clock ticks down to zero.
Test out your equipment make sure everything's working just fine and get a little bit of behind the scenes to this first ever virtual commencement.
All right welcome to the countdown everyone.
You are in the right place if you are seeing me.
You will be seeing our fifty third commencement in under a half hour.
We decided to give you a behind the scenes look at our first-ever virtual commencement and then true spring twenty twenty fashion, we did it by conducting a bunch of zoom interviews.
So if the dog barks, the door bell rings or [inaudible] car comes by well it's just like being in class this term.
So sit back enjoy the show watch the countdown clock tick down and we'll get things rolling with Dr.
Paul de Dios our vice president of Student Support Services and one of the big drivers in tonight's commencement.
Paul, thank you for joining us.
Thank you for letting me be here today.
So tell me a little bit about the unique features of commencement and I.
[SPEAKER] Well, when we had to go virtually on campus, we met with the commencement team Commencement Committee and we basically came up with the solution we have to do something for our students and we have to celebrate their accomplishments.
The option of postponing or having them come next year wasn't really an option.
[SPEAKER] Do you feel sense of relief in in knowing that the decision was the right decision now?
[SPEAKER] I I'm very relieved but the committee has managers, faculty, staff, and students on be addressed every possible scenario and wondering.
[SPEAKER] If you have any words of advice for our students as they become graduates?
[SPEAKER] I think the main advice is, if you get through this, you can get there anything.
You know and I know that these last eight weeks have been really challenging for students.
Challenging further families and if we persevere and you guys get through this process and through this predicament or this n pandemic really nothing that will stop you from any of the dreams that you want to pursue.
[SPEAKER] Paul Thank you so much for your time I appreciate you being with us tonight.
I look forward to being able to join you as we celebrate commencement commencement at Cypress College.
Congratulations on your good work.
[SPEAKER] Thank you [inaudible] cypress.
[SPEAKER] Cyprus Paul thank you alright I hope you're getting comfy and the food's coming out of the oven.
Our thanks to Paul De Dios for taking his time another great interview we had was with our Academic Senate President Dr.
Craig [inaudible] gave us some insight as to what our faculty went through to make this massive transition happen.
Thank you for joining me on the countdown.
[SPEAKER] No problem.
[SPEAKER] I just wanted to start by recognizing that this is such a unique year and in keeping with that uniqueness the academic senate really did something it's never done before this year in selecting the award recipients.
Would you talk a little bit about the faculty awards?
[SPEAKER] We give out every year we give out three awards one goes to the outstanding full-time faculty member, goes to the outstanding adjunct faculty member, and then one goes to the it's called the charger award and that's for recognizing what faculty do outside of the classroom.
This year we decided because we've all gone through so much and they asked the expectations of the faculty have been so unique this semester, we decided to give the full time faculty award to all of us.
To all full-time faculty.
And then, we decided to give the part-time welcome to commencement countdown and California was number one community college.
We are just a half hour away from the fifty third commencement at Cypress College and this and then we decided to give the part-time award to all part-time faculty all adjuncts and that is really a recognition of unique circumstances all of us are in and those two awards normally come with a cash award that's provided by the Cypress College Foundation.
So in addition to voting unanimously as as as a senate to award those to all of us we also agreed that we would take the cash award that normally goes to a faculty member and make sure it stays within the foundation to serve to serve students that need it.
The third award which is the charger award, we this was a no-brainer we've had such demand on our distance education committee.
Since this all started, it's ridiculous.
There they're working twelve fourteen hour days every faculty member who's teaching online has to interface with our distance ed committee, and faculty chair of that committee it is Kathleen [inaudible] in the language arts division and she's just been working tirelessly having to create recreate, reinvent things on the fly.
And we wanted to recognize her as an individual.
What does all this mean to you?
And it's been tough i mean I'm lucky in that I have a long history of teaching online classes I've been teaching online for several years no and so I appreciate sharing sharing the award, but I think, if you were to ask other faculty they would say the same thing that I'm saying now.
You put your head down and you do the work and you try to do the best you can for you and your students and you know that's that's what we do every semester.
Every class every semester we're trying to do the best we can for our students you know the challenges have been different this semester and and I'm I'm I'm really proud of our of our faculty.
I'm a little proud of myself because this is a I was faced with okay I need to get all of this figured out in a week.
How am I am I am I going to transition to being fully online how am I going to create bridges for students so they can go from one learning environments to another one as seamlessly as possible how do I not lose students in that process it was it was a lot of stress oh a lot of stress.
And it's been it's been a tough semester, it's probably the toughest semester I've had as a professor.
And I kind of get the feeling like this all sink in and a Year two we're we're kind of back to being on campus I don't know when we're gonna be back on campus but at some point we'll be back on campus and where we are this will all sink in.
And you know, what we're capable of how nimble we can be how much we can do things in different ways and yet stay true to guiding principles that we have as faculty and we have as a campus and we as.
We have as a as a district is just really encouraging what was harder this semester or earning your doctorate?
When we're transitioning to online learning and when I'm trying to come up with learning modules from my classes.
I have a standard in my head that's really really up there and if I don't achieve that standard, I get down on myself and I felt the same way with my dissertation.
At some point with my dissertation, I just kinda had a pardon the pun but I had to let it go.
Right so at some point I was like you know I could tinker with this some more I could put a lot more energy into getting it just a little bit better but at some point you know for my own kind of mental and physical health health you just kind of have to let it go.
[inaudible] kind of felt the same way this semester, I'm going to get to a level, I'm going to get it as close to what I think it should be as possible, but at the end of the day, I need to understand I'm I'm undergoing a really tough situation.
I'm quarantined too I have a parent I'm worried about I've got family members excuse me well emotional I've got family members they're going through this and you try to keep all that stuff together and at the same time tried to be as good as good of an educator is I can be.
Thank you very much for taking the time to sit down and chat with us and I really appreciated the conversation the information.
Yeah thank you very much.
And to the class of twenty twenty, congratulations.
You did it fantastic.
What's next right?
So so go out there get those jobs if you got a certificate, if you're transferring get to that school you've got a good foundation, use that foundation to go to wherever you're transferring to or do whatever the job situation that you have in the future.
Use those skills use that knowledge you acquired here and put it to work.
And and every time you guys to succeed entered knob or where you transfer to, we are proud of you.
So just keep that in mind.
All right, our thanks to Dr.
Craig Coralski.
You know our college and our work here is driven by great leadership and that comes from the very top with President Doctor Joanna Schilling.
I know one thing she would love to see the night as a bunch of pictures from your celebrations so pull out your camera take some selfies and post them online with the hashtag Cyprus College twenty twenty grad that's hashtags Cyprus college 20-20 grad but maybe do it right after this interview with Dr.
First of all thank you for taking the time out of your schedule.
I know you are doing the Zoom meeting half like crazy these days.
As we come up on commencement ceremony that we will have later tonight so [inaudible] for for being here and taking the time.
I wanted to start just by asking you from a philosophical standpoint,, why did we as a college decided that it was important to hold this commencement tonight?
Well that's a great question and thank you Marc I'm happy to be here today.
We talked a lot about what would be the right way for to commemorate our graduates given the fact that we couldn't all be together.
So obviously, everybody wishes that they could be together with everyone tonight but we believed that it was still important to celebrate this moment.
In three months or six months or another year, really didn't seem like the right way to send our graduates to their next journey from Cypress.
So we decided that we would do this virtually, we would celebrate their successes, which we are going to do tonight and we believe that we have put together a program that is worthy of our students.
And we really wanted to make sure they knew that this is an important milestone in their lives.
And so even though we can't be together, we are going to do the next best thing for them to be with their families and their loved ones and celebrate their accomplishments this evening.
[SPEAKER] No no reactions been really good from students so it seems like it's been the right call.
We have almost six hundred graduates who will be joining us this evening.
And we are so proud of each and every one of them.
And we believe the personal touch to allow them to upload their photos and their personal mementos and a little profile about each of them will make it even more special I mean this semester has been unlike anything we've ever seen before and I know our students have struggled in ways they couldn't have imagined.
Wondering about the obviously you know earning all the way up to a Ph.D.
What are some of the struggles you experienced as a student and you know kind of related to that one of the things I've learned from you is that the Ivy Leagues weren't even open to women in my lifetime so my journey like many of our graduates was what we call untraditional, which I suppose is a silly word to use because buyers for the cancer and New York or also in my second year I started working and allies needed in education some of the things I did as a student baster were college fairs helping college students with their applications in giving campus tours a club I established here at Cypress College where we've got a volunteer with two [inaudible] twelve students as well as higher education students I wanted to be really helpful with the queen here at Cypress College and felt that getting involved when inspire me to have a better college experience I also got to know a lot of friends and faculty here by just getting involved in spring twenty twenty I transfer to California State University Fullerton as a sociology major and I'm hoping to minor in human services.
In a long-run, I want to go to graduate school they could become high school counselor or college counselor it helps students with their some advice I'd like to passionate about.
Family they were the ones who motivated me when Cypress we take the string together because it was if it wasn't for all the people here at Cypress College, I would have enjoyed the journey I've taken here.
Congratulations on this honor representing the Associated Students of Cypress College AS president, Mr.
Preston Jimenez.
Good evening friends family staff faculty administration and my fellow graduates.
Today, marks a special moment in each of our lives.
This year, I do not have the honor of addressing you all in person but if there's one thing that we've learned from this recent unfortunate circumstances is that nothing can stop us from reaching this moment.
We have earned the right to celebrate our hard work and academic accomplishments and as Cypress and that is exactly what we're going to do.
When we first stepped on the campus, we made two decisions that will affect us for the rest of our lives the first decision we made was a decision of the mind we chose to invest ourselves a college degree or certificate is a key that opens many doors and lives.
Cherish these moments because not everybody has a fortunate opportune to have a higher education.
A few things in life are more precious than our capacity to learn.
The second decision we made was a decision of the heart with those first steps we chose to commit ourselves to four ideals collegiality, excellence, inclusiveness, and integrity the firm values that tie this institution together.
I say this decision was it the heart because this commitment is a major factor in the determination of our character and directly affects the kind of people we will become I believe I've grown as a person and as a leader throughout my time at Cypress College and also know that every one of you has developed your own exceptional stories to proudly tell.
For that reason this moment solidifies the foundation necessary for greater thing because we're nothing without our character.
Not long ago, we jumped of reaching the milestone this milestone and here we are.
In our time here, we demonstrate a passion for learning.
This is not an easy feat, some of us have a family to take care of some of those work two or more jobs to keep up with the high cost of living in our area.
Some of us face housing or food insecurity.
It is because of the struggles that make the stay so much more impactful and because these struggles we applaud our first-generation college graduates.
In this moment, we claim victory over adversity and who's to say we cannot do it again.
Our graduation today is is not an endpoint but rather a launching point into our new phase of our individual journeys wherever your future takes you remember this moment because you fought hard to get here.
Life certainly has is trying times but uses mome as your inspiration.
You survives long nights, absorved amounts of caffeine, countless exams and on top of that equal Pandemic.
Use this moment as a center reminded that you have the ability to turn your hopes and dreams into realities.
When we're faced with hardships, we will keep pushing forward no matter the cost, no matter the obstacle, no matter any discouragement that life those are our way.
Because of that because that's what charges do.
It has been honored to serve you as president associates since this academic year.
Thank you for grant me the opportunity and as I find myself at the end of my term, I can sincerely say the greatest pride that I have is the chance to finally tell you all Congratulations please welcome back to the podium Cypress College President Doctor Joanna Schilling, and welcome the President of the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees, Ryan Bent.
This year, we have one thousand six hundred and ninety five students graduating from at least one of our ninety eight degree programs.
Combined, you were earning two thousand two hundred and twenty seven associate degrees.
Meaning that some of you are earning multiple degrees in addition one thousand five hundred and twenty eight students have earned occupational certificates from one of our a hundred and seventy four career certificate programs fifty eight percent of our graduates have chosen a transferable degree meaning you will be attending four-year colleges and universities this fall.
Two hundred and twenty-five degree earnings students earned a cumulative GPA of three point seven five to four point o qualifying you for the presidential honor roll eight hundred and eleven of you earned a cumulative GPA of three point o to three point seven for qualifying you For the Dean's honor roll.
And because Cypress College also has a bachelor's degree we are graduating three students in our baccalaureate program in funeral services.
Tonight we will be acknowledging each of you individually you have each shared a photo and a profile with us and this will be shared as you virtually walk across our stage.
In a short time, you will be part of the graduating class of twenty twenty.
Graduates this is the moment you have been anticipating.
If you are seated please stand trustee Bente upon recommendation of the faculty, I present to you for conferral of the Associate degree or baccalaureate degree the members of the Class of twenty twenty.
All of whom have completed the state and district requirements for graduation.
On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the North Orange County Community College District, I gladly accept your recommendation.
Graduates, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the State of California I hereby confer upon you the degree of associate of arts or Associate of science or the degree of Bachelor of science with all of the rights, benefits, privileges, and responsibilities appertaining there unto.
[SPEAKER] Graduates, tonight we begin the conferral of degree with our third cohort of students in our Bachelor of Science in funeral service program.
We will continue with the awarding of the associate degrees By academic discipline.
Honored guests, I am pleased to present to you the Cypress College class of twenty twenty.
[SPEAKER] Abigail Ava Elizabeth, [inaudible], [inaudible], [inaudible] McDonald, Julia Elizabeth Santi, Andrea Argonne, Brianna Lee Jelly, Agden Mozeen [inaudible] [inaudible], isaac Abraham, Marissa Marie Alvarado, Raquel RB zone, Octavia M Bennet, Taylor Renee [inaudible], diana [inaudible], Ha Boi, Cordero Bonilla Daniel re dilatory Anthony Alejandro Diaz Skylar [inaudible], Anthony A Duong, Martha Zamora [inaudible] Alhambra Estrada, ashley Ruelas Flores Flores.
Peter Joseph George, Dey si Godoy danielle Michelle Bray, [inaudible], kevin [inaudible] Vanessa Renee Carl.
Stephanie N Kugler, Leon Lee, mary Bridget Malate Ruben Martinez [inaudible] Luquen, Gabriele I'll a hundred marks, owes Emily Franziska [inaudible] Olivia Mae Jean McCracken, Edith Mendoza Yolanda Montes, the arena Elizabeth Noriega, Matthew joseph O'Malley Vanessa, Cynthia Ramirez, Diego A.
Roxas, Jennifer [inaudible] Mirriam Sanchez, Abigail [inaudible], stephanie [inaudible] Irma Irene Torres, joseph Nguyen knew one coin track, Eric Michael your Ureas, Wendy jasmine Velasquez as kids, knock grin Vaughn, [inaudible], Maya [inaudible] white, Jim [inaudible], joseph Xavier bugs Easter, Zachary Mitchell blossom, justin [inaudible] Caitlin ivana cook Nathaniel allele garcia, [inaudible] Mae Hashimoto, michelle [inaudible] when, [inaudible], jennifer Lopez Medina, Julia Christine by Julia Geely when Missouri Hoi may tram Nguyen when.
Vico James Boyle le [inaudible] Paula [inaudible] Edward J Valencia, Yvette Zamora Kylie Suzanne Christian said, Sarah [inaudible] [inaudible], Bernadette see [inaudible] Zai Yi Mo Ben by Taylor, Deok su bai Xu Yang, [inaudible] Archibald Diana Corona, Joy M Gallo, measure yell Alexandra Montero, Charlene Greta, amy [inaudible] Bryant Junior, [inaudible] [inaudible] Diane julie Ann C Ramos, Juan Manuel Alvarado, valerie and all anne olivas us, [inaudible] sunshine Chen, Jesse Lewis Model, [inaudible] Adrian Avino, Carolina Maria Flores madison [inaudible] Olga [inaudible], Maricella Martinez, [inaudible] Eileen Alvarez, autumn Dickson, kristen Denise Howard, Tunisia Jordan, Nellie H.
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Gomez [inaudible] grace [inaudible] [inaudible] Lynn, [inaudible], Hyo Sun Kim, Leslie M.
Leong, Natalie Laura C.
Miromontez April M Monte Allegro, Noemi Moreno, Specious [inaudible] Joy Jessica Tam Trung Nguyen, Ruby Prieto, janet Serafio Esperanza Teracero, jenny [inaudible] Rosario [inaudible], cindy Vargas, Leslie Flores [inaudible] Guerrero, [inaudible] Ashley Hyun, Keong Yun, march, stephanie Valencia, Lucia [inaudible], [inaudible] [inaudible] graduates one, more time please stand Preston Jimenez please lead your fellow graduates to one final task.
Graduates, please follow me and move your tassel from right to left.
Congratulations class of twenty twenty.
Thank you again for joining us tonight.
This ceremony will be linked for rebroadcast on our website.
In addition the commencement central website will allow graduates to navigate to their individual name and graduation slides graduates, we congratulate you you did it class of twenty twenty.
Drink worthy of what you guys just went through.
Shares but the twenty twenty twenty you did it this is the first step in your educational journey I wish you the very best in your future endeavors Good luck.
[inaudible] mosquito and I want to thank congratulations to all the Cypress graduate expressly Mai point piece that's worth the program at the University of preparation program our motto it ceases Webby Yes you can do it and now she's the pooled all you did it.
You gradually as you guys I applied I love you and I know you're going to move mountains keep going next graduation where you put this as the next graduation where you put the size the next February weigh your funds this has she said that congratulations graduates for Cypress College twenty twelve graduations class in twenty twenty.
And if your relations to Cypress Class of twenty twenty.
You did it.
Congratulations students.
From my door in my classroom that reads through the store password the finest students in America and the semester's never been more true so proud of you and I look for reform someday in the future for all of us working together professional peace out.
How's it going out there chargers graduations to the graduating class of twenty twenty special shoutout.
Goes to all the student athletes out there watching this right now every single one of you.
Accepted the challenge you've got the job done you deserve it graduations congratulations college of twenty twenty.
Go Cypress College.
Community department would like to say yeah collation Cypress charges on this momentous occasion.
A special shout out some legacy and plantae graduates congratulations to the Class of twenty twenty.
Keep up the good work and continue to strive and best of luck on your next adventure.
Congratulations class a wonderful accomplishment.
I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Go chargers.
And those lesions on transferring and graduating a very special shout out to Professor Stuart Rosenberg on his retirement and has huge impacts on the campus communities students congratulations class of twenty twenty is specially used by in our students congratulations to all of our theater majors and to all of the chargers you did it congratulations class of twenty twenty.
I know this is going to be one of many accomplishments for you I'm referendums I'm the dean of collegiality athletics and student support services on in public health our athletes our student leaders are EPS care works guarding scholars and Veteran students great job representing yourselves free job representing Cypress.
College and most importantly wherever you go in the future we're always going to be family go charters congratulations graduates I'm so proud of Volodya.
Hello everyone I want to see a very specialists congratulations to my legal environment of business students.
Am I ready for business students and every graduate here tonight and so proud.
Of you and what it mena to share and dilemma's I wish you the best because you are the best.
Congratulations just giving a shout out to my amazing sister-in-law Katrina [inaudible] we're so proud of you we love you to the Class of.
Twenty twenty with did it despite incredible obstacles that congratulations on finishing degree your certificates I'm so glad that you chose to take this journey with us Thank you for doing that and I wish you the very best in the rest of your life goal chargers.
To our stems scholars, we are very proud of you