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[SPEAKER] They have a comedian, magician, and a lot of student created content for you to.
You can find the link to that event within the bourbon tasting event listing so that you can then access the virtual charter a ball through that link.
So now onto the urban DC and we are very excited to have a [inaudible] back with us tonight key it is Class of 2000.
Fill that's hosted hundreds of groups on whiskey.
Seemed events ranging from day long treks down the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the private tastings and educational seminars like Daniel been, Phil Kollin believes that having must be a Kentucky kind of place, he has made it his mission to travel down every highway, violate and back road, background and know lane road in the bluegrass state of being up as many greats stories along the way as possible.
After working in digital marketing in Cincinnati, New York, and mobile filtrated in the desk for an office with a better view.
That's the last several years striving to show people a good time at Shang history, culture, and business behind bourbon whiskey.
Fill as a local certified tourism ambassador and a and an bourbon Stewart through the stave and Thief society, Phil also serves as the development manager for the Bourbon country burn, which host an annual three-day bike ride and whiskey festival at the Kentucky Horse Park.
In Lexington, Kentucky.
And we're excited to have him back with us tonight to taste another three bourbons.
So there is an Ask a Question button below the video.
I will monitor this throughout, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
We will try to get to as many as we can.
So without further ado, go ahead and take it away.
[inaudible] Thank you, Emily.
[SPEAKER] There was also a method of stellar introduction.
I don't have a ton to say.
I am so thrilled to be here this evening to blast away to spend a Saturday evening when you find people in Miami alumni were growing up on there's really nothing I enjoyed more than sipping bourbon and sharing stories with friends.
So good times.
We did this a few months ago.
But new bourbons do stories can be a little different than last time.
For experience.
Still some whiskey.
So I know some a show of hands.
Who was here.
I can't see you.
There is no reason to raise your hands, but somebody did this before.
We're going to steer away from the very basics of bourbon.
And jump into more of the brands.
Lore, risky whiskey stories, if you will.
And history.
Yes, very much so.
And of course, we're gonna sip away for last time, we're going to jump into the sipping a little sooner.
Not make you guys wait before it broke open the bourbon.
I invite you to connect to me on social media.
Last time, Emily could magically make my information appear on the, screen but you can find me on [inaudible] here we go.
It's time instagram derby City.
I'm on Twitter.
So I feel pretty email me.
I love whiskey questions.
I get all the psyche.
[inaudible] dot whiskey.
I have a small website that you can go to also, this is great, [inaudible] on it.
If you want.
I'm always available to do this.
Kind of stuff.
Whiskey trivia, history tastings, corporate happy hours, stuff like that.
Feel free to check out.
If you've got your own great tasting tonight near snap and away and taking a picture and your thoughts on social media.
Tag me in your posts.
I love seeing what other people have set up for their own tasting and their own presentation.
But yeah, so join me live.
We will talk whiskey and all that, fun stuff, everything.
But let's get right down to business.
Let's talk about what we're gonna do tonight.
Emily was kind enough to afford me some questions ahead of time that we got.
So I'm going to dig into those.
I'm also going to look for as they pop up in the chatbar, I love questions.
I always say that this is a dialogue, I'm not a monologue and I want to make sure that you leave with a little extra knowledge or something worthwhile and special.
So as you can see below, use the comments to ask your questions and Emily will do a bang up job of setting my way.
So one question, we got is easily one of the biggest.
I get all the terms of the number of questions.
Anyone who was asked when it comes to bourbon, American whiskey, Tennessee whiskey.
And we're not going to really taste [inaudible] you see what's getting.
This one with the dressing, someone said Jack Daniel's, and other grants label themselves as Tennessee whiskey.
What's the difference?
Is there a difference?
And why don't they just called themselves bourbon?
And what a loaded and I'll try to give you a short version.
Here also is the master distiller and Wild Turkey.
He is legend the Buddha.
Even there, 60 plus years, 80 something years old.
He's seen it all and done it all.
[inaudible] and I happened to be there once and some people visitors are going to take a picture with them.
And so I always used to say, Hey say whiskey because it was whiskey, it.
Your mouth go up and you smile.
And he said, We don't say whiskey around here.
That's a Tennessee thing.
We say Bourbon.
Everyone say bourbon.
And of course they said, also look like that.
It kind of speaks to this friendly rivalry that we have between [inaudible] bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey.
Friendly in part because Jack Daniel's world's largest.
Let's see, whiskey maker wanted to.
Largest whiskey makers in the pole and the Brown Foreman company, which is headquartered in local [inaudible] about 3.5 miles down the road.
So lot friendly kind of pointed jobs.
And essentially, [inaudible] Whiskey, bourbon whiskey, are the same and only see difference is the Tennessee Whiskey is charcoal filter process.
They do before it goes in the barrels.
And they asked to have pending on.
How strongly you think the legal mandate is a statement of origin that the product was distilled in [inaudible] Tennessee.
That's the basics of what makes Tennessee Whiskey different than Bourbon.
But I've been in debates still TWO am at the, bar debating whether or not Tennessee whiskey tends to be [inaudible].
Whether Jack Daniel's [inaudible] and other great brands are bourbon or not.
And you want some fun in your free time if you want to really stir the pot, wonder like a new Bourbon Facebook group or go and run it and pretend like you're bourbon Doobie.
Say, just got to know what's can see you in a moment.
You can tell me the difference between Tennessee whiskey.
Is it a bourbon [inaudible] join is they go back and forth on each other, kind of debate whether Tennessee was bourbon and do it to see whiskey.
So somebody else, how do you decide what purpose was like?
Caution and also gets us to the the drinking faster.
A lot of what we do.
Tonight is tricky because I've got people from all over the country, 50 states.
There we go.
There's Columbia [inaudible] and I want to make sure I could adjust the bottles that are easy enough to find any well stock liquor store and, even the most sparse, at least distributed state.
You guys are.
I wasn't able to send bottles to everyone.
I want to make sure I could give you something that's affordable and a great value in tasty.
So each one of these guys are going to tasted like and of run you between 30 and $38 at the liquor store if you paid more, 750 milliliter, bottle be of of these [inaudible], you may live in a state with.
Hi taxes, or you may have a retailer in that particular kind, unless going at least for these slippers that are amazing for the cost that's the theme of what we're doing.
You can find just about everywhere are outstanding, delicious.
And if there's one thing I want you guys to walk away with today.
One thing is that you can be a broke bloke and still have a great time, with whiskey.
None of us probably are in a spot where you can regularly spend a $125 on a bottle.
Of whiskey just because someone tells us it's the next great and wonderful thing and you don't have to there's whiskey out there for everyone.
There's tremendous stuff.
And so if your price point isn't the 30 to $40, I've got for you, your price range is 50, $70.
I got a bottle for you.
If your price range 26, I got a bottle for you.
If your price is $12, we'll get some white colored have a good day.
It's about everything else is press for you.
As I, said, some of the questions.
And we'll get to that.
We'll talk a little bit [inaudible] Derby and a little bit we're two weeks away from that.
Always remarks, make sure you some water handy the palate cleanser between the whiskeys and it's always good to sit on some honored to go.
We're like me who's yak in a way.
It's good to have water.
So I'm going to have a small snack.
Depending on what you like.
Anything from mixed nuts to chocolate [inaudible] also, they're all of you.
Clear the palette or a company as you go.
So what does make sure that you guys have water in?
Some people like to go crazy with different dark chocolate to fancy pairings, to get all fancy pansy or professional, you want to get.
Do you, That's the great thing about bourbon.
You drink it any way you please, and substitutions where the welcome night, if you guys are taking another burden that's not one of these three.
I would love to hear about it.
Drop a line in the comments.
Emily will forward them to me.
I want to know what pleases and what you've chosen to go with instead.
As long as it's not airborne.
For example, if so if you're doing about our whiskey.
Might have miss the point tonight.
[inaudible] university alumni session is to make a joke.
But you never know who's going to be on the call.
Is the job that they make fireball to each their own, which are like not a fan.
I used to joke that there's still a how they make fireballs.
They start drawing a pentagram on the [inaudible] floor.
And then they cut someone's finger and then the made some on the devil.
And that he put his hand in the back out awfulness of firewall.
Let's start with the lines of [inaudible].
The night we're doing Elijah critic small batch now, I know we did this one in the first session, but there's good reasons I'm bringing it back.
For this time.
There we go.
One of the reasons as I said, earlier, is that for the purpose of tonight, every day, Delicious bourbons you can find this, but everywhere It's one's hard the top and just a minute we're going to talk about consistency.
We're going to I'm going to give it a 0, models pre-opened.
I made the mistake before of doing these and having great new bottles that I didn't open.
I can tell you that nothing is less fun.
[inaudible] these are watching the presenter struggle for 12.5 minutes to get the plastic wrap off a bottle.
Tasting a little too much time.
Dealing with the bottles.
We did some toast last time, the [inaudible] I want to do that again.
Each bourbon tonight I'm going to toast to alumni or someone associated with my this one I wanted to raise a glass to fill Schreiber.
By bottom dollar that just about everyone who is associate Miami on this call as some affiliation apps, affinity with DR.
[inaudible], whether it was your I'm there when he was president from 1965, to 1981 and you're like me, your time there when he was president emeritus or still involved or if you're beyond all that, just your time spent in the [inaudible] Center.
Before and after student activity center I loved having documented round gave us his history of Miami course, was one of the uses of class time.
And to date, that annual story he told a Halloween about the Miami student.
Do, and this could tell a crazy world told, I think the two goes to a DR.
So raising a glass to agriculture.
So back to [inaudible], that's good.
One thing I really like about [inaudible] is it's approachability.
Now, I said before, I don't like to get too much in the tasting notes what I mean is that [inaudible] new to bourbon, or they have.
A specific palette.
This isn't likely to affect.
It kinda hits all the right notes.
You'd expect an everyday super bourbon.
It doesn't for my money the right age statement.
Now, for those of you don't know, how long it was in the barrel for it was put on the bottle, the Bourbon, itself doesn't [inaudible] statement I believe.
I know.
And have good authority that and bourbons over the age of four years, anybody has been each of these four years?
Not required.
You do it beyond that.
They're trying to [inaudible] a little bit the Russell's a little bit.
But I'm going to go through that lately in the last little bit, It's been a mix of nine and 12 years.
Reason I like this.
The consistency if I consistency, I don't mean just the bottle.
And what you get when you go to the store, but the brand as a whole.
And if I could go back in time, There's so many things I would do an Elijah Craig, not so long ago, used to look a little different because Elijah Craig, 12-year, built right across the front, is about the same price and you can buy it for about 35 bucks.
You could find it everywhere and then all of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of this bourbon room that we're in and the Elijah Craig club, your harder for them to stock or from the keep in store.
So instead of deciding to raise the price, they took the 12-year off and rebranded.
It as a logic very small batch and mingle different bells.
8, 9, and 12 years, their credit.
They've done a great job.
I think it tastes different than the 12-year sometimes I don't know if that's just my own perception.
And the style Jim missing the 12 year.
But this is only slightly inferior to go to their kind of label change and make over.
And still have mostly the same taste for the same cost.
It's impressive, it's pretty well done.
So like I said, if I could go back in time, I would have bought every single 12-year bottle it up.
That took it for granted.
I would load the truck with him, built a bunker, store them in my bunker, and broke them out on a regular basis.
So I'm thankful for what we have.
We still have the Elijah Craig.
[inaudible] batch, which is a mingling of different barrels, nine and years of age.
And it's important grand lobe is important.
And I wanted to share a quick story with Maker's Mark.
I was reminded of the other day.
And what was probably not probably I'm gonna say [inaudible], I guess.
[inaudible] marketing folks in the last 25 years and the hind Maker's Mark, Daniel's family would probably not and say statement.
So it was about February mid-February, about eight years ago.
2013 and Maker's Mark was going there.
They're doing everything, they could to keep up with demand, especially internet.
They put out an email and they said, Great news.
Decided we're going to make sure Maker's Mark continues to be available for everyone.
Now, keep in mind.
So the product in talk about consistency that red wax, that [inaudible] mash bill, that shared across the board.
And then unchanged to that point for the better part of 50-55 years.
And they said, We've got good news.
We found a way to extend our supply.
We've done a lot of testing.
We promise you will notice the difference.
What we're going to lower the on Maker's Mark, 90 equity for you.
A lot of really great.
Days later.
Days later, because there's so much outcry, reverse the decision.
Right back to the night.
One with emails, angry people, upset people and they realized that a good thing.
So that's an example of how the distilleries [inaudible] stories, no loyal fanbase.
After make sure they are honored.
That consistency.
Too far.
So that's the right people bad.
So could you find the 84 bottles and shows us it happen fast thousands of and one [inaudible] and people say they like collectors items.
Now no giving you that AD portal That's the allies of critics, all that other stuff because my BAR [inaudible] I kind of this is the 100 drugs class.
This is what I prefer.
I had a friend who gave me a gift and it was so thoughtful, says edge glass that e-mail setup.
For them during four cities, I've lived in.
New York glass, so it kinda has the different everything on there going to glassware.
It's exciting time a little bit, we are weeks 14 days.
The return Kentucky Derby being that first Saturday May last year they ran it in the fall.
And I'm I want to share with guys because not only we have all kind of Derby on here the glassware, I'm about to show you is a great example of the dichotomy.
In Derby borrower also speaks to the dichotomy you have bourbons, you've got the pretension and the high end and the fancy looking bottle.
Is it really worth it?
The every day, easygoing, good-natured.
So many of you probably seen this before this is the Kentucky Derby, visceral class for the 147 Derby on there.
If you go to virtual downs and you get a it will most definitely be served in this.
And then, all around the side of the glass, it has every 146 winners that can pick a derby to date.
I have.
Other people, [inaudible].
They can tell you the horse that one, the jockey and some fact about the horse, we love our Derby reading and a crown by them if they're Triple Crown winner.
And a diamond if they're a Philly.
So when you do about this is the potential [inaudible].
Does my favorite isn't a plastic cup.
Costly about a dollar at the liquor store last week.
And it is the official.
Get the all the losers, all the last place finishers for all the years we can take [inaudible].
And we've got a horse and a staff position.
And on the side here, you name it, it's been tracked.
So ever since 1875, whether there were seven horses running or twenty.
Every single horse finished last place [inaudible] so I'm going I'm gonna buy a few of these kids.
They're just fun.
And that's what whiskey should be.
And that's what should be.
Sometimes this guy, I think I paid six bucks for eight weeks at Kroger.
That was $0.79.
And then I paid for a dollar when I bought some whiskey.
Aims of this last place finishers are great.
I like 1985, I am the game where he signed up.
You've not been one question that we got coming into Emily pass on its and why are certain Whiskey bourbon so hard to track down who short answers.
First of all, [inaudible] there some are ridiculous, hard to find.
The first answer is short.
Economics 101, supply and demand.
If someone has a 20-year bourbon out there and they're finding an amazing success with it.
And they said, We gotta make more of it if they up production quadrupled production that day, that 20 or bourbon still 20 years before his, the markets get out there.
But it's really hard to adjust your production line if all of a sudden you have a bourbon out there that's through the roof that everyone, even if it's as little as four or six year age bourbon, still the different steps need ensuring bottling, all that stuff.
So it's hard to keep up with supply and demand, especially when there's a bourbon, when there's a bourbon bus.
As like me I really like that because all a sudden that 70 [inaudible] bourbon little base so much for anymore, it's a lot less expensive, a lot more delicious.
But that's another thing they don't want to overproduce because there's a demand now.
So that's part of Saint Bart is this infamous three-tier system.
We have in most parts of America, in most states in the varies from state to state.
I'm in Texas.
There's a fourth tier and other states it's all government.
Most adults have liquor from the distillery.
The distributor liquor store.
Our restaurant would have you.
And for those three steps, a lot of things happened as far as inventory or politics, as far as pricing, as far availability.
Some of the smaller brands sometimes get left out, being able to find distribution.
[inaudible], for example, the one state you have to get into.
It's broken up into five districts.
So if you're a small brand, like say, [inaudible], where your family owned and you don't have army of other brands like the [inaudible], who owns that?
We'll get to them kind of royal [inaudible] hangry goes on and on.
A hard, find the time and effort to get in those five states.
So the reason [inaudible] hard to find supply and demand, that three-tier system, that talk about my friends.
So I have at the bar, who's ready for the second floor.
I can I'm going to put this one aside.
And we're going to move on.
So Russells was ever gonna spend a little bit of time on this one.
This is a good way.
This guy side.
[SPEAKER] French [inaudible] is having a one more because I have as much fun as I was always hard because I'm just doing these in front of people.
So it's difficult not being able to see your actions, but hopefully, we'll get some questions and maybe we'll do this again or maybe you'll have some buddies and we can get together and do.
This is Russell's reserve.
Now, may not be familiar with this Bourbon, but you should be Russell.
Russell [inaudible] takes the name from to gentleman whose name is [inaudible] you're going to be Russell and eddy russell.
And [inaudible] that Kentucky bourbon Hall of Fame master distiller.
And is it any Russell is it can take you forever hoping.
We do have a bourbon.
What it doesn't say anywhere on this bottle except here.
This is a product, the wild turkey distillery.
And that is a very deliberate decision.
This product is very different.
Wild turkey one-to-one.
I don't think they want any confusion.
Or preconceived notions of how you might feel.
One turkey 101, and I for evil can evoke a 100 Thompson rough and tumble blowers off whiskey.
I again, have been also deserve had there been there a Russell was it a good shot?
And a guy came up and so any results a pleasure.
[inaudible] on the 50 yard line in high school and wild turkey 101, any wrestler.
Because of the first piece or that story.
So Russell's reserve is a very different bourbon, and I'm going to tell you straight, and this is the second most important thing I want you guys to know about I have been down this road before.
A great examples.
Eagle Rare.
I can see the writing on the wall.
I can see the word getting out.
I can see the popularity, and I get.
And say, this is a bourbon available now, my fear is, my concern is that 18 months from now, two years from now, it's going to be hard to stock and Shell.
You'll start seeing less of it.
You'll see stickers and say that temporarily up.
And then before you know it, it'll be a ghost like so many other ones have happened in the last few years.
Anyway, kind [inaudible].
[inaudible] was an example that like where it says one while our and it's just too good.
This whiskey just too good for the price and it's a very well-kept secret.
And no one's trying to keep it a secret.
No one would make the Russell's happier than if everyone and their brother had this in their liquor cabinet.
So what makes it so good?
Well, you like what you like and this is just something I like.
I like whiskeys that have a nice little bit of ride bike life labor each on the side of the tongue.
I think, undervalued is it's right there on the label it's a 10 year-old whiskey.
And those are becoming the good 10-year was becoming other and harder to find for a good price?
And again, this one.
I think cost me $37 to negative Kentucky liquor store.
It shouldn't cost you more than 43 instrumental just made [inaudible] Let's that was a good core [inaudible] going to come through.
What is the best bourbon in [inaudible] bar has been so long since been the circle bar.
And think about that industry.
My hands when I was in lovely Oxford, Ohio, [inaudible] keepers.
And various other spots.
And I was not drinking whiskey back then.
If I was and I had started earlier, the amount of knowledge I was built up would have gotten me or [inaudible] something.
I wish I stepped on my whiskey journey.
I'm sure they have permanent circle bar.
They probably don't have Stein Keller.
And well, yeah, the still places.
Emily says.
Yes, that's good news.
Let's take a minute for this one.
I'd like to raise a glass to Miami University's only alumni president, great benjamin Harrison.
But this one isn't for Benjamin Harrison.
When he was at the White House, He had.
A pet dog my knowledge he was the only president.
Who had a living at the White House.
It was his sons, but you know, I mean, benjamin Harrison a picture of the go here is the old whiskers determine Harrison's pet goes through, lived at the White House to the only miami university alumni, president.
[inaudible] to the White House cue that.
Another one I like about this and I know that we're not here for the tasting notes and I want you to taste what you get out of it.
But I love to finish on this it's a nice, full palette and it has a nice smooth finish.
We never like to say.
Bourbon because that always implies that it's bad alcohol or maybe that it's too high proof.
We like to say it's giving you a nice talky has that we call that nice strong finish through the through.
We're kind of warms you up, but whiskey sweater, with a few of the ways that you describe it really feel like you're sipping whiskey and, it's good to sit in it.
And that way to appreciate it before and have a son.
A nice thorough, that smooth and it's finished and that could be the name of you're going to get to my friend's like semi go out they, can.
I really like this is make some wonderful.
I'm the wild turkey and they're small.
Russell's that the wonderful products.
And I worried.
Look with a single barrel operating with a little more expensive and keep an eye on.
I hear it's going to appear It's going to disappear and I am sometimes, right?
But then write more than the wrong and bourbons, I really appreciate that.
Have gone away.
One thing that's also the death knell of urban availabilities is there'll be a competition like San Francisco spirits awards.
They take this seriously.
You're a gentleman and a lot of our clone, the ladies camera.
Do you some reason they have some of the most renowned taste use.
There very good what they do when they start having up, the awards, distilleries run with them, they get the press of a sudden.
The Bourbon disappear from the 00, going to keep an eye on somebody else.
What is the effect of adding water to your Bourbon?
That's a great question.
Bourbon anyway, you like I like mind with one big one.
The reason I do like that is because over time, as the ice melts, it does add water.
What are called water molecules get in there.
And they essentially break up the bourbon.
So aside from effect of diluting your bourbon and giving it a little different flavor, I bringing down.
The [inaudible] content in that way.
And also actually gets in there.
And on the molecular level, we're really kind of dispense some of the alcohol and give it a different a lot of people do a professional tasting, I got and they put two or three drops of water.
And just that drinking a [inaudible] Well, will significantly change the flavor especially if you have any question of the great questions.
Here's, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I know knucklehead alumni friends who've joined promised might have noticed that in the supply list of what you wanted to bring tonight.
I said.
Bring droop awfuls.
Treat this, conquer the world under their group on.
Also said Oreos are perfectly acceptable.
And it became can Oreos eye drops.
And if you're giving a hydroxide well, you need live in an area that's got better food.
And we're going to strip off those kind of a fun thing just to have, but I have a good point to do why I wanted to try and seek this out.
I always feel that whiskey and this isn't just for Bourbon, this is for Canadian whiskey.
All North American whiskey Japanese whiskey, Scotch whiskey it's the short end of the stick when it comes the pairing with food.
Whether it's in restaurants, whether it's people's, the preparations are servings.
I mean, we do wine pairings like they're going out of business for paying its have been popular.
[inaudible] my friend, and there's a lot to be said about taking the kind of the signature flavors.
You find in bourbon.
People say everything from [inaudible], letters, to [inaudible].
You have people say grass and of course sweet.
The nella.
It just goes on and on and on.
Spicy close.
Find that with food.
So he's getting there's restaurants who finally jumped on the bandwagon, come around [inaudible] have been doing it for long time.
We have a great place.
Of the bourbon [inaudible] and one night.
I was hungry for late night snack and I was having a whiskey and I pulled one and the flavor Carmel center and like a little bit ago and it matched incredibly well, and I wouldn't have found that if I hadn't discovered.
And it's really been some attempts at matching next with whiskey point, is [inaudible] more attention to restaurants that seemed to have.
A solid whiskey menu that are doing different dinners.
And chefs or [inaudible].
Looking at the last one of these, I do.
[inaudible] [inaudible] my me coaster up and the woman [inaudible].
Wine drink but my miami people, my mic 00 medical things, [inaudible].
Restaurant or a bar [inaudible] not bourbons selection you don't wanna take too much time thinking about any know you're likely not going to get hose at the price where you recommend and I have two answers.
One is the wrestlers are 10 and the other is for.
Roads a small batch at another one that's exceptional.
And just about everywhere.
Our restaurant.
And we move on to a numeral 3 more Rock and Roll Along here, the question that came up, this is going to.
[inaudible] questions.
Higher price point equal higher-quality related to the aging process.
Oh man.
Oh, to question.
Like you're reading my does not mean higher quality.
I am a firm believer and I have a mantra.
And it's tattooed.
Run on my back in Comic Sans 725 and it says that 90 percent of bourbons worth your time and worth drinking, on your a $100, so there's a lot of people who are charging a fair amount of money for a bourbon.
On factors that made not have anything to do with quality.
Though no higher point, not always equal higher body.
The second part of that, they're related to the aging process?
Feel with if you can stick a large number on the front, 16, 17, a D3, in terms of u.
Years they can charge one of these [inaudible] you should pay for it.
But often one of the criteria they try to get you with is say, limited availability.
A onetime release, a high age statement in from a famous distillery.
I'm going to that nature now I want to be clear.
I'm not talking about little