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[...] Hello, Thank you.
Hear me.
If you can't, please turn on your microphone, please.
How are you?
I'm doing guide.
So this is Eli and I'll be your E monitor for today.
We'll be monitoring the whole session so that we make sure that your session will be successful via checking your technical side.
So as a good moment, I can see and hear you clearly.
So let's just wait for the so that I could redo this.
Okay, great.
Can we test it if I don't use this, if I use my normal microphone, let me see if I can.
Yes, please.
You can do so.
You still hear me Mark.
Using do you have like a mute button under headset?
[...] Testing?
Testing I can hear you now.
So what happened to the microphone that you're trying to use?
[...] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] hello.
I can hear you.
Great speaker on.
This setup.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I mean, I didn't wanna have to wear these, but I can't I thought there was a microphone in my camera.
I guess I'll I'll go back and see if I could if I went back into the screen to see which I had the wrong.
There's different choices I have to what I could hook up from my sound.
If I go back, a screen, is that where I'd have access to that again?
For you not to do it all over again.
Go to the gear icon.
The settings.
Go to.
There will be a drop-down.
Choose what audio argue about to use.
Also for the camera.
Well, for the audio, this will be your microphone.
Also, your way to here this session.
But if the microphone is actually a built-in to your camera, it should be the one which you are about to choose.
Under cameras.
If I.
Try, yeah you can go ahead and try everything which is actually there.
So that you can check what.
Can you hear me now?
Yeah, I can hear you.
But hang on.
It seems like he sound like you're coming from afar.
Try unplugging the headset that you were using.
Now top No, I can't hear you.
[...] [...] Here.
It's showing that I'm showing that my mic is working.
Let's see.
Can you see me?
Experience audio visual refresh, or close browser?
Use Chrome for best.
Hi there.
I can hear you now.
[...] [...] now I think I'm the only one here.
Hear me.
I see that you're sort of on, but it's a black screen.
It's coming in just refreshing.
That now it's Eli?
Eli, I'm actually the professional for today, we'll be monitoring.
We can't hear you.
I hear Mark and I see Mark.
And Mark.
Can you see me and hear me?
Can you see me and hear me?
Yes, I can see and hear you.
I look great.
I feel are looking great out.
There but we're having issues with a Marxist.
Because I didn't want to three perfect, I can hear you now.
Yeah, I can hear you now.
You can see?
But you can't hear me.
We can hear and see you both?
I can't hear you though.
You can't hear us.
Can you do a quick refresh again I know.
And he's the one I thought it was all he was gonna be.
I can sense that.
All right.
How about now, Can you hear us Mark?
Hi, Mark.
By the way, just to check.
I noticed that you just have slides, right?
You don't have any video?
That is correct.
Can you hear me No.
Can you hear us now, hello.
Hi, Mark.
Can you see me, Mark?
So not working.
And try different browser.
Will fix the issue.
But let me check.
It seems that he's having issues with the his headset because earlier he said that he has another microphone, that he's about to use that.
That didn't work now, go back to its original setup.
And now it's not working.
Mark we can hear and see you.
And I can?
You hear me?
Can hear you.
I can't hear you though.
What's going on there?
If you unplug your headset and just use the device, can you hear?
Well, why am I talking?
You can't hear me.
I'm glad we tried to come on early just to make sure I thought I was not gonna be able to work, but I'm very happy that I work.
I know.
I know you were worried.
I am actually.
So are we getting any on my own?
I would be we can see in here, you 00 yeah, his audio is moving.
I think it's the headset.
I think he just needs to go or replace has.
Headset think he's comfortable not using a headset that's why he has.
If you can use this microphone earlier.
He tried.
I'm Michelle.
Oh you're coming through.
Just fine.
You can.
Hear, us yes, I hear.
You perfectly.
Cannot hear anyone.
Most worried about it to lie is here to help.
Good thing that you came in early so we could have marks issue fixed.
I think.
I'm actually crossing maybe he's getting your headset.
00 and slides that you lie just in case Mark just and.
Come back.
We have we have like 27 slides here.
Do I just use my arrow key?
So for you, you can just go ahead and use that within.
Mark, can you hear us?
I don't think he can hear us.
I'll go the chat.
We hear you disappear.
You feel I'm Michelle.
Yeah, we can hear you.
Can you guys hear me at all?
But I can't I still can't hear you.
That's not good.
No, because I can hear.
Kinda close.
Any browser which has an audio on it and dedicate the audio to big marker 00 I'm trying to write one of these webcam audio devices.
Here's the.
Speaker, Here's these, here's that.
That's on this.
Testing 123.
I can hear you all now.
You hear us?
Oh my God.
All good.
I was glad it wasn't me.
I was pretty sure given all my error message like earlier that I was gonna get free to get out of this situation that didn't happen.
So Eli, do you just handhold us throughout the whole thing are you gonna leave us know?
I'll be here the whole time.
00, yeah.
Any case that you might be encountering, any issues, you just need to reach me.
The chat area and I'll be checking on for us to have that one fixed.
I mentioned checking right now what's going on with marks?
This thing and I hope that he's reading my messages.
Under percenters chat.
Amy is still on here.
Hi, I work at am and on your moderator for the session and basically all that means is I will be she's underlain.
Maybe this one's the moderator.
So maybe.
Yeah, we can hear you, Amy, what's going on?
What's your role?
So my role is I'm just gonna be have captioning.
Start with us to caption our sessions and so I'm gonna be posting that link for everyone.
So if they wanna do the live captioning, one thing I want to ask you about is how would you like to do the Q&A and other is it just mute?
You guys also see that Mark is frozen?
Oh, really?
He lives moving well.
Oh, really.
Hang on.
Let, me.
Go ahead and refresh myself.
All right.
Amy, sorry.
00 yeah.
So for the question and answer, I don't know if you guys have done any other sessions, but in the other sessions I've moderated the panel is how kind of manage that themselves.
And so I just wanna make sure that you all know what you're doing with question and answer.
And then I can if I can help in any way with that.
I mean, there's no good.
We know what we're doing, but we were planning manager.
So question and answer.
Basically, people will pose a question and answer in the Q&A area and none of the other people viewing the session are gonna be able to see it unless you publish it.
So all the presenters and all of us admins will be able.
The everything.
But none of the attendees will see anything unless you want to publish it.
So that's kind of up to your discretion.
You could.
Publish everything if you want to, or you can only publish the ones that you want to talk about if that's the case.
So I think for us, Michelle was going to take the lead while Mark and I did.
Our slides and that way she can click on the question and published it if need be, but we were gonna try and do the bulk of it towards the end of the presentation.
And just so you know, to be attendees cannot unmute their microphones and none of you attendees can talk back at you or anything like that.
So I'll just be through the chat.
How that's gonna work.
I've also disabled.
So there will be no attending reaching out to you privately to try to chat with you.
I'm disabled that function, so everything will have to be for the public chat with them.
Great, great.
Was there an issue with me or am I good?
You said you were gonna send me stuff.
On its own issues.
But from your perspective, you could see me.
I was over on the I was trying to set up the polls, but maybe we don't do.
Do that.
But I'll do it again.
And you're moving moving.
Well, did you have any stand out that you were gonna put in here?
Just our presentation.
This presentation.
I suggest I seen a lot of I tend you to kind of ask questions that will be slides be in a handout.
Will you make a PDF of it to share?
So I'd suggest that you guys are willing to make a PDF out of it and put it in the handouts for your slide.
It is a PDF, so is in the handout.
Can we make it a handout It's not underneath handouts right now for people to see.
I'll upload it there.
Thank you.
It's trying to prevent any questions that I know are gonna come to you, Mark had mentioned do we wanna do the poll gain?
Or not I mean we can set.
Up some poll questions.
Just filled one in about what's your position.
But then it didn't save.
I couldn't figure out.
I guess I just need to add it to the queue.
I can do that one real quick.
Do you want me to upload the handout?
Markets, marks, having a heart attack.
Marketing, drink.
Relax, no one's really going to come to this session anyway.
So I think that's how I always wins.
I liked that we can't see or hear them.
Well, done.
So the poll about what your position is open.
So I'll do the next one was about leadership and you're giving circles important.
Source of revenue.
So did you catch the baby conc Michelle, is that what happened?
Never fails.
I did not have a voice yesterday.
Text Anna I said don't.
Be alarmed.
I don't have a voice.
Not to share that with market.
I know.
I know we're gonna.
Raise it.
I'm on a lot of cold medicine right now.
Who knows what Michelle I was gonna say about the Ringling.
Who take another shot and NyQuil before you know what?
Is this being recorded by any life?
When did you push record?
This part is not though sometimes I wish I could.
I find it to be the most entertaining part of once.
18 minutes and 37 seconds, it'll just start automatically.
I'm going to hit record when we're live and it'll give you like a 10 second countdown at the top bar, you'll see it counting down for ones like ten seconds.
We'll be good.
So all the polls are now there.
So we'll be able to reference that and say, you, know we'll be doing that, during, the first part of the session and then we'll reiterate what review that information during the course of our presentations.
I see it.
All right.
I'm a definite bathroom Albert, back homework doesn't pass out.
A little.
Vomit before we go.
I don't know what we're talking about.
What is the session on.
You're good at that though.
Great on the fly.
That's a hidden talent.
This make it up as we go.
So was Mark going to introduce us at the beginning?
And he said, I couldn't recall.
I did a second one.
We can just introducing he's doing the goals.
He's doing right spot.
I do this.
I'm on slide six.
You do that?
Do you want to do my?
Do you want to Let's do it.
Let's switch.
It's basically the same thing.
You really could do my part.
You know, maybe do this one.
This isn't just think of it.
Think of the last two years before I left.
00 Worry.
Bring it back to the beginning.
I am gonna look at my slides really quick.
With brush mark.
So I had written my remarks.
Do you want to pass it off to Michele to say Michelle will walk us through the key.
I'll say I'll talk a few.
And then you'll talk.
I think we can all control the slides.
Promise not to 40 slice and you guys just did.
So we're controlling, controlling our own section though.
Yeah so after I finished that slide about the define these after then I'll say and no animal tell us about why they're important.
And then click that slides.
And I'll just say, Can, you read handout end of the day that's all me standing in the way.
All right.
So mark your best practice even throughout pandemic, I'm brand and also slightly best practice throughout endemic with a focus on new members rather than retention.
Michelle is all about retention.
And the major gift kinda calm.
All right.
I hate that.
I'm so close to the screen.
You can control that, right.
Did you see there's filters soon as you want to like play with, filters, you want to give yourself the Michelle you're too young.
Do you remember moonlighting so like filters.
It was back before you got into the web when you were setting things up, grounds and things, but they told us in the speaker Training not to really do that.
Do those.
00 goals for today, That's smart.
Defining that, that's mark.
And then there's yeah, I'm going to crush it.
The slide.
You always do we document.
All right.
I'll stop playing with it to remember when we were talking about a very busy day.
So when I ran through it, timing earlier the first time I read through it, I was about 14 minutes.
It had the President, the intro or that intro stuff.
So hopefully I'll go, but I'm fine minutes so I can make up the difference.
I'm pretty short and sweet.
I'm five minutes to so I mean, I think that's a good amount of time to leave spaces.
I definitely saw some of the presentations over the past few days and there's definitely sort of drumbeat that we're reinforcing, which is good.
Which is why on my stewardship on the news.
Strategies for stewardship and all that, I won't linger along on their, I mean, everyone's talked about obviously.
Still communicating, doing Zoom.
Virtual programs.
There's nothing there's no rocket science there.
If you see me run it on, maybe one of you does like, what's a subtle sign?
I would know I need to wrap it up.
With the shells for the little.
My stand-up desk.
This is fun, where I can just disappear because I have this new fancy like see you later.
I have been like, every opportunity I paused.
Please don't do that on your intro.
Hold on.
Rewrite that part.
When I introduce you.
That's going to reference that you're on the development of membership board with me and reference.
It oversees a professional network for development membership professionals.
And then tell people to sign up for that if they haven't already, because that was a thing that people are positioned.
We're, plugging we're doing our duty.
I liked.
Thank you.
I used to work in development in a former life.
So seeing all this, I'm like, odd development.
People are great, great life me.
What do.
You do now.
I run our department.
So money I don't work with money.
You just different way.
I keep playing a lot.
A lot of addiction.
One day.
Crossed out to play to win we had the vote today.
We had our primary governor Governor up.
Whatever happened to that one, that was the Hillary's VP is he's still involved there.
I guess.
He's still up in DC.
He was just part of our Virginia History Day down here.
Pretty awesome, pretty awesome sauce.
Governor, when she tapped him or senator, he was senator.
That's why it's a DC.
Or did you go there, Anna?
I was just kinda thinking about what life could have been at all happens as it should.
Bro quick.
I saw it.
We're deep in monument conversation too, so that's been part of my day today, which is always fun.
Let me add that to the pole.
That's a different session down there he.
Had, torn down here.
Now, what do we.
Do with, them?
I mean European, right?
It's so weird like that you can't see who's there with you.
I mean, who you're looking to like that's a nice thing about when you're in person, obviously that you can see your friends or colleagues in the audience like I don't know, maybe we should have the private message up just in case.
Hey, somebody's like, Hey, but that would be distracting for me.
I think.
We also put that in the public.
They can still put that in the public, would we can see that's true.
Looking good.
It seems like we're the same age.
We've been doing this the same time.
I was looking at your LinkedIn just for the to be able to say, we've been doing for 20 years or 10 years.
We've been at this for a long.
That's why we both learned about work-life balance.
And make choices in our life.
I'm 45 and I'm 46 and we're fabulous.
Live in our.
Living our best life.
For sure.
Asked Michelle, I'm way more relaxed and she's only seeing me on Zoom a couple of times.
I still miss you though.
What the Agora version.
It was all fun.
You know, the whole right.
I mean, it wasn't all fun for me.
There's no it was it was a good.
I still talk to her.
She called me the.
Other day I could call her back.
Looks like we have seven participants joining us.
This can they hear us?
I don't get a fly of until like right out.
There in a waiting room right now, should know they can't hear.
Anything right now.
Where are?
You seeing that Michelle?
Where are you seeing?
The Michelle?
Isn't the top.
Lou says backstage, presenters only.
I don't say that.
You don't see that.
Oh, yeah, I do.
Eight attempts at the very, very top.
You mean at the top, like you said, night.
So we can't see our yet they're there.
The session I was just watching with Kate burger and donna have like 98 people in it.
Does better with virtual because it's cheaper and more people could maybe register.
Always have a virtual option.
00 okay.
I was just doing a bunch of start, the I'll guess I'll start the poll.
I don't really need to close it because we're able to still watch the tallies.
I guess we'll close it like halfway through or so.
How will it so our tallies, if you look at polls on the right side, there, I don't know if I could just see it because I created but it tells me like museum director x percent or development experts.
Yeah, I don't see that.
Unlike popped up as if I should do it like I was attendee.
So I think as people log in, the pops up for them and I'll reiterate that the top of my remarks, I like a dual monitor situations, so it's gonna look like I'm staring off into space, but really I'm just looking at.
Bigger monitor that doesn't have my camera.
I'll try to remember it a go at every once in a while.
Three minutes.
Originally, when I went to college, I wanted to do I want to.
Be a broadcast journalist.
And I still wanted to anchor the nightly news.
So this brings.
You back to those days.
So I anchored.
My college news for awhile for period.
I can totally see you in your elements.
For sure.
We all have a little performer in US.
Like right before an event starts and you're tired and dragging and it's like, all right, curtain up here we go.
Show time.
[...] or you guys making your staff attend.
And that be fun.
I think 16 people are our team members.
This industry otherwise.
[...] Hello everyone.
We're so glad you could join us for today's presentation, especially so late in the day.
Today, we're gonna be discussing leadership Annual Giving Circles.
And strategies to make the most of these important contributed revenue source.
When you came in, you should have seen that we have three questions open in the, poll we'll be looking at those during the course of the presentation.
So if you have some time early on, please complete those three questions.
I'm I correct had individual giving at the High Museum of Art down here and I've been working in museum fundraising for the past 20 years.
And at each of my seven different institutions, a leadership annual giving has always been a part of my portfolio.
And I would actually say, one of my favorite parts of fundraising.
So I'm thrilled to be here talking about it with you today.
We also have our two other panelists with us.
We have out-of-band, currently serves as vice president advancement at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture.
And it brings 20 years of aggressive fundraising work in both higher ed and museums.
And also serves on our am development and membership committee board that oversees a professional network for development and memory.
For ship.
If you aren't currently involved, I encourage you to join us today.
Along with Anna.
We have Michelle Young, who is the Associate Director of Development at the Ringling Museum of Art in Florida, Michelle is also working fundraising at museums, cultural institutions and Han your edX over the past 10 years.
Thank you, Anna and Michelle for joining us today.
Our pleasure.
Thank you.
So today we have three goals.
We're looking to make sure we cover during our presentation today.
We hope we plan to look at proven strategies that generate revenue from gifts of a thousand to $25 thousand plus for annual giving to support our general operation.
We're gonna look at our three museums and how we have all adjusted our annual programs during the challenging past year with COVID.
And what strategies that are strategies that we plan to roll forward with also that are just part of a core strong, successful annual giving program.
And then we're gonna look at how we all devolved our stewardship.
Again, to continue to engage donors during this trying time.
Before we get started, we want to kind make sure we're all on the same page.
And so.
Look at how do we define leadership Annual Giving Circles.
And so these are annual gifts that are ranging from $1000 to $25 thousand.
They are typically the top tiers of membership structure.
And each of those different levels comes with assigned benefits and events.
I think the most critical part of leadership and you'll giving circles is that they really bridge that membership.
And you'll giving Annual, Fund perhaps even transactional member.
And bridges it to that development.
Major gifts, campaign giving plan, giving.
Its from the leadership Annual Giving Circles that really we get our best prospects in the pipeline for the major guest program.
And do you want to share a bit about the importance of these program?
I think for every institution I've been a part of these have been critical to the overall fundraising success, particularly if you're thinking about any type of campaign mode, it's really important to have these leadership circles in place and that you've gotten to know the individuals pretty well.
They are obviously one of the most critical pieces of our annual operating budget.
Each and every year, they provide the lion share at least for my institutions of the overall giving for annual giving.
And they do it in a quick clip, which is the idea of these things you can get a lot of income very quickly from a small number of.
Holds if done correctly.
It also is the best way for us to nominate the new leaders of the institutions and to keep that pipeline flowing.
Often institutions can become insulated if they're using a nominating committee as their sole source.
But this is a way to be able to have the advancement team bring people.
To the fold that otherwise would not make the conversation around, say, a board table or board nominating committee.
It's obviously a pipeline for major gifts which we will touch on throughout the presentation.
And it's also a fantastic way to engage people in other volunteer leadership roles.
For example, these gala chairs or campaign.
Shares, etc.
So it's a great opportunity to not only build your general operating budget, but more importantly, or at least equally importantly, to get to know new people that have capacity, both in terms of time and resources to make a difference to your organization.
Michelle, would you like to talk about so key to success?
So you know, everyone in development knows our key strategies for successful program.
The ask the strategy your brand engage in to be able to create meaningful experiences.
So throughout this program, you'll really.
More in depth on these key, these keys that we will touch on.
So it's important to know that the through solicitation of acquisition, your, upgrade and renewal strategies, integrated approach.
So if you're doing a mail phone, email, versus face-to-face and, you know.
Incorporating the strong brand along with that, engaging peer-to-peer fundraising, which we'll touch on as well.
And, you know, the, overall goal to create meaningful experiences along the way.
And I'll just give you a heads up from those that have done the pulse so far, our largest group of people that are paying this session, right now, our membership manager slash directors, and then we're equally split between museum directors.
Directors of development, and leadership giving a managers and directors.
50% of you have leadership giving programs in your museum.
And the other 50 percent don't right now.
So great mix and I hope everyone takes something out of this.
We will be looking at questions and answers throughout the questions, throughout the presentation.
Michelle, Kelly.
Kelly knows as we go.
Through this, and then if there's core questions related to one of our case studies, will stop at the end and answer those.
But most of the questions will take at the end of, at the end of the session.
My name is interrupted With that poll question.
The other interesting little nugget is that many people on this call, I saw an inch.
Crease in annual giving this last year versus a decrease.
So I think that's kind of it, yes, 58% of you have an increase in your programs.
So that's great news.
Well, you want to have, you teaching.
Will turn it over to you.
So we'll dive in to my museum, the High Museum of Art.
I actually.
The high has been around since 1905.
We're looking at our beautiful campus, which has Renzo Piano building, which opened in 1983, and then behind that are Renzo Piano designed additions which opened in 2005, actually had joined the high in 2005 as membership manager and then departed in 2006.
And then recently came back.
In 2020.
So write a month or so before the start of the pandemic.
The high is the largest Art Museum in the Southeast.
We have about 18 thousand works across that.
Major collecting areas with really a strength in American art, decorative arts, and folk art, self-taught art.
As you'd expect.
Back for a major museum and a south, we are dedicated to collecting works by Southern artists.
And like most major regional museums were very much driven by our special exhibition program.
And a work to showcase art and artists from across cultures, time, and the globe.
So here's an overview of our different levels and the kind of what we're talking about for the high are the circles program.
Begins our premier membership giving categories, and that starts at 850.
The last category below that in membership is 10, so video 850.
Three thousand five thousand and eight thousand.
We currently have 325 households and.
I would say a third of them are probably at the 1800s level.
And then it goes on up from there with of course, our smallest really yet we have a handful at five, we have a handful of people at 8 thousand and maybe about 40 people at five.
And of course, really once you get to that 8 thousand, that's really just a small place holder where we're working to take you to our director circle.
And that really is the museum sort of flagship getting program.
Those gifts or gifts that start over, over $10 thousand.
And the core levels are 1200515 thousand five thousand.
We have.
About a 125 households in that program made up as you'd imagine of our board of trustees and our major donors and that program raises about $1.6 million annually.
So when I came, I was very much came before the code, before the pandemic.
I was very much charged with both growing our Circles program, increasingly participation at that level.
But really mining who are the people that are sitting at circles who've been sitting there for 5, 10, 15 years, but really have greater capacity and can move into our director circle or major gifts program.
And so that was kinda the lens I was looking at before I even came here.
And Anna has a similar story and we both kind of started out of museums right before the pandemic.
So there's a lot of the strategies that we would've changed early on and I think are just best practices.
And here these are strategies that really had to be adapted.
During COVID.
Revamping the renewal theories.
And I think over the past year, many of us have participated in a range of professional development seminars.
The things on revamping this renewal series is something that I think is a drumbeat throughout the year.
Of course, shifting away from events and exhibitions and really talking about philanthropy, the impact that donor makes, and how they're really.
In many regards, keeping the museum afloat when we lost our earned income.
I think we all got a bit softer in our language and really want to stress that are our circle members really where an important part of our museum family, we can't do it without you.
We miss you.
We hope you're doing well.
And that you're safe and well and that you and your loved ones.
Are hanging in there and we can't